10 Things to See in Iguazu National Park, Argentina

By: Angela Ayles

Iguazu National Park in Argentina is Brazil’s second oldest national park. It provides protection to one of South America’s largest forested areas. Filled with breathtaking beauty and fantastic views, there are ten amazing things to see in Iguazu National Park.


1. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is the beautiful center piece of Iguazu National Park. It is a set of amazing water falls ranging from 60 to 82 meters high on the Iguazu River. The image of these wondrous falls are unforgettable. They are what draws so many people into Iguazu National Park each year. It has been awarded the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation.

Iguazu Falls - Iguazu National Park

2. Parque Nacional do Iquacu

Parque Nacional do Iquacu is a great place to view the natural beauty of Iguazu Falls. Ride the double decker bus to a 1.2 kilometer walkway. There are two look out points near the falls allowing up close encounters. One is situated down lower, while the other is further up along the river.

Parque Nacional do Iquacu

3. Macuco Safari Boat Ride

The Macuco Safari Boat Ride starts in a jeep pulled wagon through the forest. It is followed by a short walk that actually lets you take a dip under one of the much smaller water falls along the river. The grand finale to this excursion is a boat ride up next to Three Musketeer Falls that is close enough to guarantee you’ll get wet.

Iguazu National Park

4. Rafting and River Trip

This is a 30 minute long trip in a raft after leaving the Macuco Safari boat. Rafting is the ideal way to explore the Iguazu River in an unforgettable adventure. Another option is a 3 ½ hour trip in a passenger boat to the Moises Bertoni Museum at the Paraguayan Border. This is a much tamer experience for those who still wish to spend time on the river, yet without as much excitement.

Rafting Iguazu National Park


5. Helicopter Rides Over the Falls

Helicopter rides over the falls give visitors a spectacular view that can’t be had by any other means. A pilot and three additional passengers fly over Iguazu Falls for a fantastic bird’s eye view. It is a ten minute ride, but 35 minute trips allow one to go over Itaipu Dam and Foz do Iguaco as well. Many people covet the front seat that allows you unobstructed views, yet the back seat can be ideal for those who love photography.

Iguazu Falls Aerial

6. Parque das Aves

The Parque das Aves is a wildlife conservation bird park. Toucans, hummingbirds, and macaws, along with hundreds of other species, are viewed inside the atriums. A butterfly house and nature paths are also onsite.


7. Camp de Desafios

Interpreted to mean The Field of Challenges, Camp de Desafios offers guests the opportunity for repelling, canopy walking, rafting, and climbing.

Canopy Tour Iguazu National Park

8. Parque Nacional Iguaza

Parque Nacional Iquaza are three walkways, including the longest one to Devil’s Throat over the river. Take a boat from the Lower Walkway to San Martin Island for excellent views of Argentinean Falls.

Iguazu National Park Walkways

9. Moonlight Tour

The Moonlight Tour is a romantic way to spend an evening while visiting Iguazu National Park. On nights with a full moon, a double decker bus takes guests to Porto Canoas for a delicious dinner, live music, and cocktails. A scenic walk and a ride on a panoramic elevator follows. This unique elevator allows guests to see the falls in a totally different way, as well as extremely up close.

Iguazu Falls at Night


10. Bela Vista Sanctuary

Bela Vista Sanctuary is a hydroelectric power plant. This plant is the world’s largest in power output. Along with many other nearby locations, they supply power to the Refugio Biologico Bela Vista. This place provides much needed protection to capybaras, jaguars, alligators, and anteaters, among many other animals.