10 Best Countries to Visit in the Fall

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Traveling to various countries always offers the best memories. With a plethora of countries to choose from, narrowing the list down can be difficult. As you read this article, you’ll learn the top ten countries to visit this fall.

1. Poland

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Poland offers a wide array of sightseeing, architecture, mountains, and shopping. Zakopane, one of the most popular winter vacation spots, offers a genuine Polish mountain experience from the rustic cabin restaurants to the slopes. Krakow, another popular city, dates back to the 1200s and is renowned for its impressive, Renaissance Era architecture. Whether you shop, ski, or go sightseeing, you can be sure you’ll enjoy Poland.

2. Peru

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Another country worth visiting this fall in Peru. Peru is known for being home to the legendary Amazon rain forest and the Andes Mountains. The famous Machu Picchu pyramid is also located in Peru and represents the historic Inca Empire. Regardless of where you go in Peru, you can be certain you’ll leave feeling educated and culturally enlightened.

3. Tanzania

One of the most exciting countries in Africa is Tanzania. Tanzania is most famous for being home to the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro, which offers unbeatable hiking and sightseeing experiences because it’s the highest mountain in the country. Tanzania also offers a world of exotic animals worth observing, providing a truly wild experience.

4. Denmark

A fourth country that deserves a spot on your travel list is Denmark. Denmark is home to some of the best architecture in the world, showcasing many magnificent castles, towers, and cathedrals. Denmark is also home to the National Museum of Denmark, which features historic Viking exhibitions, progressive paintings, and photographs. For art lovers and history buffs, Denmark is the place to go.

5. Italy

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One of the most popular vacation destinations in the world is undoubtedly Italy. For art appreciators, foodies, and avid sightseers, Italy is the ideal location. Italy is known for offering some of the most savory cuisines in the world. Rome is the best spot to enjoy an abundance of culture, allowing you to visit the Vatican City, the Roman Forum, and more. Afterward, stopping into La Porta del Principe to enjoy exquisite Italian dishes like pasta, meatballs, seafood, and more is essential.

6. Russia

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Russia, the largest country in the world, is definitely one that should be visited. Russia provides amazing sightseeing, offering vibrant buildings to admire. Russia also boasts the largest forest reserves in the world, allowing you to see various animals and plant life.

7. Hungary

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The diverse country of Hungary is a seventh country that should be included on your travel wish list this fall. Hungary is home to immensely impressive architecture, including the Dohany Street Synagogue, the largest synagogue in all of Europe. Budapest, the capital, is noted for its beauty, particularly during the evenings when the city lights up and appears quite magical and bright.

8. Australia

It’s hard to create a list of your travel destinations for the fall without thinking of Australia. One of Australia’s greatest claims to fame is the Great Barrier Reef. This tremendous coral reef system is a diver’s dream, as it is home to nearly 3,000 reefs and almost 1,000 islands.

9. China

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China is another top country that should be added to your travel wish list. China offers some of the most impressive means of transportation in the world, nearly 35,000 different animals, and one of the deepest histories around. China will certainly leave you with memories unlike anywhere else.

10. Malaysia

The tenth country that should make an appearance on your travel wish list is Malaysia. This region is known for its gorgeous natural scenery, an extensive selection of plants, and varied wildlife. For birders, Malaysia is ideal because its home to over 600 species.

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