10 Best Flight Discounts For Veterans

By: Sam Elsley
Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock

Many airlines offer discounted flights to active military and veterans of the Armed Forces. Unfortunately, as with most discounts, they aren’t always the easiest things to find. To help active military and veterans easily track down the flight discounts they deserve, below are 10 airlines offering the best flight discounts for military personnel.


Jet Blue

Jet Blue offers discounts for both veterans and active military. Veteran Advantage members can save up to 5% off airfare and get 2 free checked bags, and active military and their families can qualify for ‘military class fare’. This removes advance-purchase requirements, which require you to buy tickets a minimum number of days before the flight. Plus, with the military class fare, the active military can also check up to 5 bags for free.


Active military and their families aboard United flights get up to 5 free checked bags for work-related travel. For all other types of travel, they can still check up to 3 bags for free. The active military also gets free access to the United Club Lounge at the airport, which means free food and drinks. Members of Veteran Advantage are also eligible for discounts which include up to 5% off flights purchased on the United site.

American Airlines

Similarly, American Airlines offers active military and their families up to 5 free checked bags for work-related trips and up to 3 bags for all other trips. However, they make a point to say that family members not traveling on military orders must still pay standard baggage fees. American Airlines also encourages people to contact them directly to stay updated on all available military discounts.


The only discount that Southwest offers relates to baggage fees. All baggage fees for active-duty military personnel are waived (even if overweight or multiple bags). Veterans can check up to 2 bags for free. There are also no change fees or cancellation fees for veterans. All other military discounts change depending on availability and flight. To see what discounts are available, they encourage you to call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for more information.



In addition to offering checked baggage discounts (5 when on military orders; 2 for personal travel) to active military and their dependents for both work and personal flights, Delta also offers military discounts on Delta Vacations (package deals, for example). To see all other available discounts for both active military and veterans, you can contact their reservations department.

Allegiant Air

For active military, their families, and veterans, Allegiant Air offers free checked baggage (up to 3 bags), free oversized baggage, and 1 free carry-on per passenger. In addition to this, military and veterans also benefit from complimentary seat assignment and 1 pet permitted within the cabin. Allegiant also offers discount flight promo codes from time to time.

Hawaiian Airlines

For members of the Veteran Advantage Program, Hawaiian Airlines offers 5% off airfares year-round with no exclusions. They also offer 4 complimentary checked bags for military traveling on orders and 2 complimentary checked bags for military traveling on personal business.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines offers free checked baggage for active military on duty. Specifically, this means 1 free personal item, 1 free carry-on bag, and 2 free checked bags for any passenger that belongs to the armed forces, reserves, and national guard.

Alaska Airlines

For both active military and their families, Alaska Airlines offers free checked baggage up to 5 bags, including oversized baggage (up to 70 pounds). This discount only applies to families of the active military if they are also on travel orders. Otherwise, standard baggage fees apply.


Virgin Atlantic

With Virgin Atlantic, you’ll need to first register with the Defence Discount Service to access the official MoD discount service for the Armed Forces. Veterans and current members of the Armed Forces community can redeem discounts on flights going all around the world. However, these discounts are only available for flights departing the UK. MoD discounts are also not available on sale fares and can not be combined with other promotions.