10 Best Water Parks in the World

By: Stuart Smith  | 
San Antonio, Texas, USA Yellow Dog Productions / Getty Images

Water parks have been popular destinations for young and old alike for many years, but several such parks across the globe have recently taken water park entertainment to the next level with cutting-edge technology and adventure attractions that are changing the landscape of water parks as we know them. Check out the ten parks below to see why they’re making waves among water park enthusiasts.


1. Etnaland

Featuring a whopping eighteen water slides, three theme park rides, and a fascinating laser show, Italy’s Etnaland is the height of European water park ingenuity. Located on the island of Sicily, this aquatic paradise unveiled an adjacent theme park in early 2013, and it attracts thousands of visitors to is jungle and dinosaur theme water rides each year.

2. Aquatica

As a Sea World park, Aquatica offers a unique way to view dolphins and other marine wildlife – through the bottom of translucent water slides. Not only are the water slides great for viewing, but Aquatica also offers a full marine park next to its water park, where children and families can enjoy many of the same marine shows available at Sea World.

3. Caribbean Bay

South Korea may not be known for its water parks, but Caribbean Bay is a hidden gem inside the Everland Theme Park. If you’re a Whitewater West Aqualoop slide enthusiast, this park has four of them. Guests also rave about the park’s new wave machine, one of the largest in the world.

4. Happy Magic

After the 2008 Summer Olympics ended, officials in Beijing were left wondering what to do with their massive Olympic aquatic center. When developers suggested converting it to an indoor water park, Chinese officials jumped on the idea. The park now features massive jellyfish hanging from the ceiling and one Whitewater West Aqualoop slide.


5. Beach Park

If you’re looking for the tallest and fastest water slide in the world, you’ll find it at Brazil’s Beach Park. Prove your metal by jetting down this 135-foot tall slide at a cool 65 miles per hour, then show off your moves on the half-pipe tube slide.

6. Blizzard Beach

This Walt Disney World park is located in Orlando, but you’d never know it once you’re inside. Themed as a melting ski resort, you’ll slide past snowy slopes as you enjoy the second-fastest water slide in the world and the longest ever raft ride through whitewater rapids.

7. Noah’s Ark

Located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Noah’s Ark is part of an 18-park system known as the water park capital of the world. Among its incredibly 51 slides, you’ll find a Black Anaconda water coaster that’s not for the faint of heart.

8. Wild Wadi

The United Arab Emirates is known for its upscale living and posh tourist destinations, and Wild Wadi is no exception. Featuring an astounding eight Master Blaster water roller coasters and a heated wave pool, this ritzy water park entertains thousands of tourists annually.

9. Area 47

The Austrians are known for their amazing outdoor adventure parks, and Area 47 will not disappoint. Built along a raging river, massive water slides, lightning-fast zip lines, and challenging rock walls tower above as you enter the park.


10. Siam Park

Cegli / Shutterstock

Located in the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, this water park is known for its Tower of Power water slide. This ride takes adventurers through massive fish tanks where they get up-close views of sharks and stingrays. Its popular wave pool also features the tallest waves in the world.