10 Cool Things to See in Arches National Park

During a trip to Moab, Utah, be sure to stop by Arches National Park for a wide variety of cool things to see while traveling. Nature enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike will find many beautiful places to visit throughout this National Park including hiking trails, geologic formations, landmarks and more. With over 2000 natural sandstone arches located inside Arches National Park – along with a helpful visitors center – all travelers will find something to enjoy while visiting here.

1. Delicate Arch

The Delicate Arch is one of the most popular sights to see within Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. This world famous natural sandstone arch can be seen from both near and far. For those who enjoy hiking, the trail leading to the Delicate Arch starts at Wolfe Ranch, making its way through Slickrock and up to the arch. Visitors can also drive up to the Delicate Arch viewpoint if the hiking trail is requires a fitness level too high for what you are commonly used to. The view of the National Park from the top of the Delicate Arch is known as one of the most amazing in the area.
Delicate Arch - Arches National Park

2. Fiery Furnace

Take a journey into the depths of the Arches when visiting the Fiery Furnace. This cool geologic formation is the perfect place to enjoy a hike, a walking tour or sunset and sunrise views. Throughout the Fiery Furnace tour, you will make your way over rocks and through sandy pathways, learning about the history of the park and formations as you travel along with your tour guide.
Fiery Furnace - Arches National Park

3. Landscape Arch

The Landscape Arch is among another one of the coolest things to see in Arches National Park. This incredible arch formation creates a bridge like structure that hovers high above the park. The Landscape Arch is actually longer than a football field with the thinnest park of the archway at 8 feet thick. Those interested in hiking to this formation can park at the Devil’s Garden Trailhead ad make their way out on a 1.6 mile hike.
Landscape Arch - Arches National Park

4. Devils Garden Trailhead

The Devils Garden Trailhead is one of the most popular hiking trails located within the National Park. This 2.2-mile trail leads to the famous Double O Arch. Enjoy views of incredible scenery along the way while making your way over rocks, through narrow pathways, down drop offs and through thick sand. Visitors will see a wide range of arches along the hiking trail.
Devils Garden - Arches National Park

5. Double O Arch

The Double O Arch is a truly unique formation within Arches National Park. Shaped like two O’s, visitors can take in this amazing sight by completing a 4.2 mile hike that makes its way through challenging terrain. This interesting sight makes for the perfect photo opportunity.
Double O Arch - Arches National Park

6. Windows

The Windows geological formation can be accessed from an easy hike for the entire family and is located in the section of Arches National Park where you will find Juniper Forests. Like its name, this formation resembles windows in the large sand structure.
Windows - Arches National Park

7. Double Arch

For a cool sight to see, stop by the Double Arch which also requires a 4.2 mile hike. This arch can be seen along the same trail as the Double O Arch. This spectacular sight features two unique archways that have been naturally formed over time.
Double Arch - Arches National Park

8. Sand Dune Arch

Just 0.3 miles from the carpark, the Sand Dune Arch is easily accessible by those who would rather not take on challenging hiking trails. Walk along the sandy footpath and find yourself at the arch made out of sand dunes where you can relax in the shade while taking in the views.
Sand Dune Arch - Arches National Park

9. Park Avenue Trail

The Park Avenue Trail is one of the most popular in Arches National Park because of its ease and the beautiful scenery that you will see along the trail. This quiet walk contains solid rocks and loose sand that make it simple for families of all ages to enjoy.
Park Avenue Trail Arches National Park

10. Skyline Arch

The Skyline Arch is the perfect spot in the park to visit during sunset, as it offers incredible views unlike any other. The Skyline Arch can be seen from the roadway or visited up close for a better view.
Skyline Arch - Arches National Park

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