10 Essential Gadgets to Help You Camp Better

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It seems like the past two months of summer have been non-existent. That list of must-dos posted on your fridge is left nearly untouched. Now that Fall is here, don’t be discouraged! There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors before the snow hits. These days there are so many fun gadgets at your disposal; yes, you can camp with just the bare minimum, but you may want to give these items a try this weekend to make it even more unforgettable!

10. Kammok Sleeping Hammock

There are many options out there, ranging from 25$ to a whopping 500$ – yet even if you spend the money, the bag sometimes just isn’t right! Insert the Kammok sleeping hammock, a completely customizable sleeping alternative with your choice of insulation, shell, and panels, so you can mix and match to your liking! Starting at 100$, they aren’t the cheapest option, but far from the most expensive and will surely keep you happy and camping for years. Plus, they come in some really bright and fun colors!

9. Omega Pacific K9 Sky-Trak

Going camping with your canine best friend but have to keep him on a leash at all times? Well, with the Sky-trak, you can obey all rules while still letting your furry friend enjoy the outdoors. This is a portable dog run that gives your dog freedom to roam around, while still being safe and secure. All you need is two points to set it up, and you both can be ready to enjoy your outdoor experience!

8. Vargo Funnel Flask

Long weekends are a good chance to hit the outdoors, cut loose and relax before the real world takes over. And lugging around bottles of expensive (often glass) liquor is nobody’s idea of fun. The Vargo Flask solves all your beverage problems with an attached funnel making it easy to fill, and even easier to drink! It’s the perfect portable camping beverage solution.

7. StrongVolt Smart Charger

Sure, you want to head outside, be adventurous, and soak up the world’s marvelous nature…but three days without Instagram? With this solar charger, you get the best of both worlds. The gadget is portable and small, and stores extra sun energy so you can even charge your devices at night! Perfect for those who desire contact at all times.

6. Rumpl

So you want to sit outside and enjoy the view, but being in the month of October, it tends to be cool and even sometimes rainy. You want to make the most out of your trip but would rather not be soaked and chilled, so the Rumpl blanket is your perfect companion. Completely waterproof and ideal for outdoors (or indoors) it folds up small so you can take it wherever you go.

5. Fugoo Speaker

Camping in the wilderness is great, you have the running water from the river, the sound of the trees in the wind, the chirping of the birds in the distance… sometimes though, you are in the mood for some music. The Fugoo speaker is completely weatherproof and waterproof (up to three feet) and is connected via Bluetooth so you can take it anywhere. The 40-hour battery life is ideal for those heading out for the whole weekend too!

4. Big Big Body Wipes

Let us be honest here. While you have signed up for a weekend of fun, adventure, and the outdoors, after three days things can start to get a little smelly. These towel-sized wipes guarantee that you can stay wild for as long as you would like hiking, partying, tenting all while staying perfectly fresh. Trust us, everyone will be thanking you for bringing these handy wipes along.

3. Cafflano Klassic

Day three out in the wilderness, after kilometers of hiking and nights of sweaty tenting, the morning maybe comes a little quicker than you would like. This is a great, little, portable coffee maker ideal for those times out in the wild when all you want is a steaming cup of hot coffee to help you wake up in the wilderness.

2. Hydaway

If you are carrying your pack with all your essentials all day, every ounce counts, and every inch of space matters. And with water being essential, why not carry it in a stackable, durable, colorful bottle that completely collapses to fit in a back pocket! You could get one in every color, and still not use as much space, or weight, as a traditional water bottle.

1. goTenna

With all the evolution and technology over the last few years, and all the latest and greatest, must-have gadgets, coming across a spot with no service is so infrequent, we tend to panic when it happens. The goTenna, a battery-operated radio antenna that connects to both your Android or iOS device, is completely portable and easy to use. The device uses its radio to connect with other goTenna devices, enabling the user to send a text, ensuring that even if you are stranded in the middle of the wilderness with no service, you will have a way to contact the outside world.  Nowadays, a device like this is nearly essential.

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