Must-See Cities on Your Trip to France

By: Stuart Smith

When it comes to the 10 must see cities in France for vacationers, Paris and the many famous cities and towns throughout the country are credited with being highly popular and satisfying for both new and regular visitors to this colorful country in Europe.


1. Paris

According to leading travel and tourism guide books for journeying to France, the most visited place in Paris is the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris. At the same time, the famed cathedral of Notre Dame is popular with both new and veteran visitors to this City of Lights. Thus, Paris is often viewed by visitors as the top city to visit.

Paris 2

2. The town of Mont Saint-Michel

If you want to be fully engrossed in the natural beauty of France, then a must see place is the famed city that is the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in the Normandy region. There are plenty of great restaurants, stores and places to climb and enjoy dynamic views of the landscape and ocean that surround Mont Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-MichaelFrance

3. Versailles

The French people call the Palace of Versailles “Chateau de Versailles,” while visitors simply call it a stunningly beautiful location with a local city that’s also breathtaking. The city is an easy 40-minute train ride from downtown Paris.

Versailles France

4. Cities on the French Riviera

The Riviera includes lovely cities and local villages that offer both high end and economically lodging. For example, there are many visitors who say they enjoy Cannes, St. Tropez, La Turbie, Antibes and Nice on the Riviera.

French Riveria


5. Fontainebleau

Longtime visitors to Paris say they enjoy taking an hour’s drive out of town to the popular family attractions in the Fontainebleau Forest. The main attraction for visitors in this forest region includes a visit to the nearby city at Fontainebleau; while bird watching, hill climbing and hiking are very popular.

Fountainbleau France

6. Lourdes

The spirited Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is located in the busy city of Lourdes. This city has expanded into a religious pilgrimage destination during the spring, summer and autumn months. Lourdes draws people worldwide for the “healing” waters that have made Lourdes an enthusiastic place for believers and tourists alike.

7. Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord is located in the calm and wondrous Loire Valley near the city of Chambord that features lots of shopping, dining and lodging offerings. The main attraction is the huge Chambord Palace with more than 400 rooms and classic views of the French countryside. Visitors to France say Chambord Royal Palace is not to be missed.

8. Lyon

This Rhone Valley city is one of the largest in France with local cuisine drawing food and vacation fans worldwide. A visit to the City of Lyon is not to be missed for great fashion, shopping and unbelievable restaurants that serve amazing delicacies.

Lyon, France Cityscape

9. Aix-en-Provence

According to leading travel guides, the “Aix” main street is one of the most stunningly beautiful in all of Europe and perhaps the world. This city features lots of top museums, shops, churches and engrossing places to enjoy a walk about while simply enjoying the sheer beauty and relaxation of France.


10. Strasbourg

This cosmopolitan city is located right between Germany and France with a real international feel since Strasbourg also serves as the headquarters for the European Parliament. The city is an easy two-hour train ride from downtown Paris.

Overall, the 10 must see cities in France for vacationers are easy to find because they offer some of the top natural and man-made attractions in the country. Also, the recommendations are based on both visitor and top guide book advice that makes any visit to this beautiful and diverse country fun and serene.

Strasbourg, France