10 Odd & Cultural Facts About Rome

By: James Stafford

There are plenty of hidden secrets lying in the culture, landscape and history of Rome. Here are 10 odd and cultural facts about the popular destination:


1. Rome: The Eternal City

Rome is often referred to as the “Eternal City” as it’s thought to be the oldest continuously populated city in the world dating back to 625 B.C.

eternal city Rome

2. The Toga

The toga is unique to male Romans, worn as a mark of distinction—signifying the wearer was free-born or non-slave.


3. The Color Purple

The color purple was reserved for emperors and senators only as it was the most expensive dye made from seashells. Anyone else who wore it would be found guilty of treason.

emporer rome

4. Gladiator Fighting

Gladiator fighting dates back to the Etruscans, who put prisoners up to fight one another to the death during the funerals of royalty and aristocrats.

roman gladiator


5. Gladiator Blood

Gladiator blood was often prescribed by Roman doctors to aid the fertility of women.

roman soldier

6. The Eagle

The eagle was a royal symbol of the god Jupiter, and released at regal funerals in order to transport the souls of emperors to heaven.

roman eagle

7. Medieval Monks

If not for the painstaking work of medieval monks who copied and illustrated the works of Roman writers and philosophers, many keystones of western culture would have been lost forever.

rome monks

8. Vomiting Rituals

In Rome, it was considered decadent and a sign of wealth to vomit between meals in order to eat more. The actual word “vomit” originates from the Latin word meaning “to disgorge”.

Italy Pasta

9. Roman Bride Traditions

Roman brides were the first to be carried over a threshold, an act promoting good luck.

Wedding Rings


10. Invention of Central Heating

I bet you didn’t know that the Romans invented central heating back in the Classical Era in order to warm rooms from under the floor boards. Only the rich had both running water and central heating.

roman neighborhood