11 Amazing Attractions and Activities in Napa Valley

By: Stuart Smith

Napa Valley is one of the most enjoyable destinations on the planet. There are so many great things to do in Napa that it can be hard to decide how to spend your trip. To give you a little help with your Napa trip planning, here are 11 amazing attractions and activities to enjoy while you are there.


1. Wine Tasting

Creating world-class wines is what the Napa Valley is known for. It has the perfect climate to grow grapes, and is home to some of the best wine makers working today. An essential part of a Napa Valley trip is wine tasting. The most enjoyable way to do this is to take a tour that will take you to several different wineries on the same day.

Romantic Dinner

2. Eat a Gourmet Meal

As enjoyable as tasting the great wine is in Napa, the thrills of eating a delicious meal are perhaps even more enjoyable. Napa Valley is home to eight restaurants that have at least one Michelin star. Two of them have three stars. One of these is Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, which is considered by many experts to be the best restaurant in the United States. Be sure to make your reservations months ahead of time to ensure that you get a table.

Specialty Restaurants

3. Go for a Hike

The stunning natural setting of the Napa Valley is a great place to enjoy a hike. Hiking trails abound in the area, and many of them wind through protected natural areas. Whether you want a hike through vineyards, by the sea or in the woods, you will find a great hike in Napa.

Hike in Napa Valley

4. Calistoga

If you get a little sore from your hiking adventure, then a soak in the mud and hot springs found in the little town of Calistoga will soothe your sore muscles. The volcanic mud soaks are particularly relaxing.

Calistoga Hot Springs


5. Take in a Performance

The Napa Valley is known for its cultural refinement. The Lincoln Theatre in Yountville is a wonderful venue for visitors to see a symphony or a dance recital. The acoustics are very good in this building, which helps to attract some very high-level performers.

Take in a Performance

6. See a Play

Another of the many wonderful cultural activities found in the Napa Valley is seeing a play at the Napa Valley Conservatory. They put on a lot of Shakespeare productions as well as many American classics.

See a Play

7. Napa Valley Museum

Located in Yountville, the Napa Valley Museum is one of the neatest museums in the world. Most museums specialize in one area, but the Napa Valley Museum has two specialties. They have a fabulous art collection as well as a fascinating historical collection.


8. diRosa

Another fabulous museum in the Napa Valley is diRosa. This intriguing place features lots of huge artworks inside the museum, including many conceptual pieces. The exterior boasts a beautiful sculpture garden surrounded by lush grape vines.

Grape Vines

9. Napa River

The Napa River is very beautiful and the perfect place to go on a paddling adventure. You can rent kayaks or canoes and explore the river’s 55 miles that run from the hills above the valley down to the ocean. A fun game while on the Napa River is to try and identify locations that were used in the filming of “Apocalypse Now.”

Napa River


10. Lake Barryessa

This lake is a great place to rent a power boat and zip around the lake towing water skiers. There are also lovely hiking and biking paths that surround the lake for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the area from shore.

Napa Valley Lake

11. Go to a Farmers’ Market

The Napa Valley is home to arguably some of the best farmers’ markets in the world. You will find dozens of farmers’ markets held up and down the valley every day of the week. The Friday morning farmers’ market held at Crane Park in St. Helena is perhaps the best.

Farmers Market