11 Amazing Islands Every Traveler Should Visit!

By: Stuart Smith
11 Amazing Islands Every Traveler Should Visit!

What could be more relaxing than enjoying the slower place on a tropical island? While famous islands like Hawaii and Puerto Rico may come to mind, the fact is that they aren’t the only island destinations out there. They should certainly be on your list, but there are a few others you’ll want to consider. Consider adding these top 11 islands to your list of dream vacations and top places to visit in the coming years.


11. Prince Edward Island

Located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island has a great deal to offer. The views are incredible, and the beaches are outstanding. The island has a pristine air about it that visitors love, and there’s plenty to do with more than 150 festivals, events and activities throughout the year.

Prince Edward Island

10. Palau

With more than 200 lush limestone inlets and incredible seas, the landscape of Palau is well known for its beauty. Top activities include kayaking, but the island is perhaps best known for the sub-aqua action recorded by Jacques Cousteau. Visit Jellyfish Lake to watch the underwater ballet of zooplankton that have the lost the ability to sting.


9. Hilton Head

Located off South Carolina, this American treasure is still a top place to visit. It has pristine beaches and an incredible range of shops and restaurants. The sound of the ocean helps visitors relax, and the incredible bike trails provide extra entertainment for everyone who loves the great outdoors.

Hilton Head

8. Sao Tome & Principe

The smallest state of Africa, this little region is part of a chain of extinct volcanoes. It’s off the beaten path and most tourists don’t even know it exists. Those who do visit are awed by the incredible beaches, impressive jungle interior and hotels nestled in crumbling colonial plantation homes. The dry season is June to September, and you can enjoy the views of visiting humpback whales if you visit between July and October.

Sao Tome


7. Cook Islands

This chain of 15 islands is known for having some of the finest beaches in the South Pacific. The local airport in Butmany Oz makes it more convenient for visitors, and people who stop in for hiking or kayaking don’t usually want to leave. Modern hotels provide you with most modern amenities, and the incredible shoreline ensures that you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Cook Islands

6. Lanai

If you do travel to Hawaii, be sure to plan a few days on the island of Lanai. This hidden gem offers visitors secluded luxury and is a great representation of traditional Hawaii. Enjoy snorkeling in Manele Bay where you can swim with spinner dolphins, or sit back and enjoy the incredible beaches or rugged island interior.


5. Tasmania

One of the little jewels of Australia, Tasmania has a rich cultural history that perfectly complements the incredible beaches and hiking trains. The scenery provides visitors with a peek at the Australia of yesterday, and visitors say that the locals are very friendly and welcoming.


4. Great Barrier Reef Islands

No visit to Australia would be complete without a trip to these individual reef systems. The reefs are filled with life, and the mainland offers countless excursions. You can choose the adventure level that best suits your personality and needs. Be sure to head out to the islands prepared with a snorkel so that you can get a unique glimpse of life below the surface.

Great Barrier Reef

3. Sea Island

Nestled along Georgia, Sea Island is one of the best kept secrets of the American East Coast. It features worldly elegance in the friendly setting of the deep south. The hospitality is amazing, and the scenery is impressive with Spanish moss, amazing views and welcome sunshine. It’s described by some as Heaven on Earth, and it has a reputation for being a world of its own.

Sea Island


2. Bora Bora

When relaxation is at the top of your list, Bora Bora in the French Polynesian is the place to go. The ocean scenery is incredible, and the above-water bungalows provide you with the privacy you crave. The people are friendly, and the incredible tropical beauty is hard to resist.

Bora Bora

1. Maldives

This island in the Indian Ocean combines the best of everything with incredible views, stunning beaches, great service, and gorgeous resorts. From the sunsets to the white sands, pictures don’t do this island justice. The memories will last a lifetime, but it just may become your favorite vacation spot when you need to decompress.