12 Safety Tips for Your Tenerife Holiday

By: Angela Ayles

For those visiting the beautiful island of Tenerife for holiday, there is much to be enjoyed on the largest of the Canary Isalnds for incredible scenery and spectacular beaches. Many people enjoy the water sports available, along with the scenic drives, for a great place to explore. Equally important are the safety tips that should be incorporated into the holiday to ensure safe travels.


1. Carry Money in a Safe Place

Whether doing a bit of shopping or arriving at the airport, it’s important to carry credit cards and cash in a safe place to avoid pickpocketing that occurs. Hide the money in a sock or inside of a coat to ensure it’s not easily stolen.

Busy Airport

2. Don’t Walk at Night

The highest amount of crime occurs at night in Tenerife due to local teenagers and illegal immigrants who are roaming the area. Avoiding walking alone, and opt for taking a taxi if you’re going to travel or explore the area.

Walking at Night

3. Don’t Buy Electronics

It may seem alluring to score a great deal on a new camera or a video game, but these items are often overpriced and sold simply to rip off tourists. A lot of the products are also illegitimate or bootleg.

No Cameras

4. Don’t Fall for Bogus Time-Share Scams

Many different scams are affluent in Tenerife for “scrathcard touts” where you always win a prize. Although this may be true, tourists are required to attend a presentation and sign a contract to obtain their prize.

Sales Person


5. Don’t Leave Items Unattended

It can be easy to leave personal belongings unattended when taking a dip in the water at the beach or enjoying a nap, but there are many people who can quickly snatch up the items if they’re not being monitored.

Don't Leave Items

6. Do Not Sleep on the Beach at Night

Sleeping at the beach overnight can seem like the perfect way to enjoy your relaxing holiday, but it can actually land you in jail as the police are strict about the act. This will involve a fine and an overnight stay behind bars.

Sleeping on Beach

7. Avoid Walking Around Intoxicated

Tenerife is known for its bustling nightlife, but it can put you in danger if you decide to walk back to your hotel intoxicated. This can make you susceptible to being kidnapped, robbed, or taken advantage of, making it important to have someone who is sober with you.

Drinking in the Streets

8. Have a Tour Guide

Whether going on a hike or riding your bike through Tenerife, it’s important to have a tour guide with you who is familiar with the area. It will not only make you safe should you run into the wrong person, but will prevent getting lost.

Tour Guide

9. Avoid Biking on Coastal Roads

Although cycling is a common activity in Tenerife, avoid coastal roads, which leave little room for cyclists and can be a risk with cars passing by. This can leave you trying to cycle in the gutter, making it important to avoid coastal roads altogether.



10. Learn Spanish

Spanish is the primary language and your time in Tenerife will be easier if you can speak common phrases. This will prevent confusion or anything getting lost in translation whether buying a bus ticket or refusing an offered service.

Learn Spanish

11. Beware of Altitude Sickness

For those who visit El Teide, altitude should be expected when climbing up to the highest mountain in Spain. Expect strong winds on the trek and decline the mountain immediately if you’re feeling ill.

Mountain Climbing

12. Follow an Expert on Steep Climbs

Have an experienced guide with you when you’re attempting a steep climb to prevent coming unprepared or suffering from a fall. A guide will also be more aware of when the climb should be avoided due to poor weather conditions.

Mountain Climbing Expert