25 Beautiful Photos of Bora Bora

The magical island of Bora Bora located in the Pacific Ocean island group known as the Society Islands of French Polynesia is the stuff dreams are made of. Vibrant hues of turquoise, azure and emerald waters invite visitors to explore the surrounding lagoons and reef systems home to plenty of aquatic life. Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, the remnants of an extinct volcano rise from the center of the island. Home to luxury eco-resorts and over-water bungalows, this tropical paradise offers a once in a lifetime kind of vacation experience.

Bora Bora 1Bora Bora aerial view
Bora Bora 2Over water bungalows
Bora Bora 3Bungalows aerial view
Bora Bora 4Snorkeling -Rays and tropical fish

Bora Bora 5Beautiful bungalows at dusk
Bora Bora 6Black tip reef shark
Bora Bora 7Mount Otemanu
Bora Bora 8Bora Bora landscape

Bora Bora 9Beautiful Bora Bora beach
Bora Bora 10Rugged mountain landscape
Bora Bora 11Bora Bora beach resort
Pacific Island French Polynesia Bora-BoraMount Otemanu and Mount Pahia

over water bungalow and the turquoise color lagoon, Bora BoraOver water bungalows
Kids at exotic island picnic with table set in a shallow waterChildren playing in the shallow waters
sunset at Moorea islandRowing at sunset
romantic sunriseBungalows with mountain view

Bora Bora 12Aerial mountain view

Bora Bora 13Sunset mountain landscape
Bora Bora 15Hammocks on the beach
Bora Bora 14Turquoise lagoon aerial view

Bora Bora 16Sea turtle in the shallows
Bora Bora 17Reef shark in the lagoon
Bora Bora 18Remote bungalows over looking lagoon
Bora Bora 19Beautiful Bora Bora sunset
Bora Bora 20Lagoon meets ocean

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