4 Must-Try Restaurants When in Manchester

By: Flashpacking Duo
Elevated view of the skyline of Manchester with Manchester Town Hall with sun hitting buildings at dusk Getty Images / Allan Baxter

One of the must-visit travel destinations in England is Manchester. This vibrant major city has a vast array of things to offer to all of its visitors from across the globe. Whether you’re visiting Manchester for a sporting occasion, shopping or the nightlife, your vacation here with your family or friends will be full of fun and memorable moments.

To explore the entire city a great way to get around is to hire a car. Cars for hire at Manchester airport are readily and easily accessible, which is the key to a hassle and stress-free vacation. Car rentals can actually save you money in the long term even despite fuel being expensive. If you actually think about the car mileage and the comfort it gives, you’d go for car hire than public transportation, especially in the UK.

Now that you have sorted a way to travel around Manchester, what things should you do in the city? One exciting thing that you need to try when in Manchester is the vast array of food establishments. If you are a food lover or someone who loves to spend money on food, then this city will totally be perfect for you. You should not miss the food scene here, for whatever craving you might have, will be satisfied.

Some of the must-try restaurants in and around Manchester are as follows:



Considered as one of the best restaurants in Manchester, Tattu is a great choice to eat out with your loved ones. The modern and sophisticated dining venue offers delectable Chinese food with a twist. You will be amazed at how stunning the whole place is because of its elegant interior as well as unique design. Additionally, the quality of the food this restaurant serves is excellent. It might not have the cheapest menu, but each dish is definitely worth your money.



This underground restaurant in Spinningfields is one of the few diners that serve a combination of Japanese, South-east Asian, and Indonesian dishes. Australasia is renowned because of its glass prism-shaped entrance that takes you down under, literally. With its ultra-modern design, you will truly enjoy the ambience while eating your delicious meal.


Manchester House

The Manchester House is popularly known as one of the first restaurants in the city. Your visit to its sky bar and dining place is worth your time as it has an industrial-chic design and unique sense of style. Aiden Byrne, Manchester House’s executive chef, crafts every dish carefully and makes sure that each is scrumptious. Moreover, the price of the meals are of great value, you certainly get your monies worth.


The French

Creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, Simon Rogan’s The French is an ideal restaurant for everyone who loves to eat. It has an art deco-inspired dining, which is a must-see for those travelling in Manchester. Over the years, Rogan has relied more on garden-led and local produce, making him one of the top chefs today. Every dish is meticulously prepared and cooked that stays true to its value.

Manchester is home to some of the best restaurants in the whole of the UK. So take the opportunity to go to these restaurants mentioned above and enjoy the ultimate dining experience. You will not regret it as both the food and atmosphere at each restaurant is exceptional and worth every penny.