5 of the Best Places to See the Northern Lights

By: Guest Author
Gigantic Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) above mountains near Atigun Pass, Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA Noppawat Tom Charoensinphon / Getty Images

Beautiful hues of indigo, green, and pink dance in starry skies at the north poles of the planet in a phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. We have a list of the 5 best places to see the glowing sky and make your dreams a reality.

Charged particles thrown from the sun enter and react with Earth’s atmosphere causing a beautiful glow producing colors only nature is capable of. Visiting this miraculous mystery is a dream of many, bringing in visitors from all around the world to bask beneath its beauty. 

Each of the 5 has its own special and unique flair, giving travel enthusiasts options to choose from depending on their taste and level of adventurer within. We will highlight some of these special features and include the best time to go for your shot at a front-row seat under glowing skies. 



Among the warmer climates to watch the electronic dance of wonder is Norway. Situated outside the Arctic Circle where the Northern Lights are typical, Norway offers the same beautiful views surrounded by breathtaking backdrops of fjords and Alps. These auroras are most typical between September and March offering plenty of time to plan travel ahead of time. Norway is a location preferred by many as it is the calmer of the best, making it crucial to book plenty of time in advance to take advantage of all that is offered. 


Beautiful glowing auroras play among twinkling stars in this winter paradise. Glaciers, thermal pools, and waterfalls surround the country giving visitors bright white beauty by day and dark metallic wonder by night.  Here you can take a boat ride and while looking up at the sky or hang out along black sand beaches waiting for the colors to appear. Its Northern location brings zero darkness for a portion of the year so it is important to book trips accordingly. September to March is the best time, as the sun sets and the skies darken offering a chance to view the beautiful aurora. 


Visitors will want to prepare for the cold in Finland, as temperatures can drop fairly low in this icy town. Still, the Northern Lights light up the skies with strong activity noted in Lapland from September to April with the most brilliant colors showing off from December to February. Finland is a travel destination featuring many other winter activities for winter sports enthusiasts from across the globe. Its location brings freezing cold temperatures that will be troublesome to those who are accustomed to warmer climates. Be sure to pack accordingly keeping safety and comfort in mind. 


Fairbanks is perhaps the closest position to the glowing skies situated only 2 degrees below the Arctic. Here you can catch one of the most beautiful views of dancing colors all around the sky from August to April. Keep in mind that outside of this date the skies end to stay bright making it impossible to observe the colorful dancing skies.  Apart from the Northern Lights, this part of the snow-filled wonderland is home to Denali National Park giving visitors the best views of their lifetimes.



Canada offers seekers of the beautiful lights a large area in which to visit as they’re typically spotted stretching from the west (Yukon) to the east (Newfoundland). However, if the colors do light up the sky, it will be considered a lucky occurrence as they’re not always guaranteed to surface. Still, attempting to see one of the beauties of the universe in Canada will offer visitors several other cold climate activities and one-of-a-kind views of snow-topped mountains and foggy lakes. Temperatures here are milder than the locations mentioned above, however, proper packing is key to having the best experience. 

If the adventurer inside of you is ready to escape and see one of the wonders of the universe, these top 5 destinations are sure to satisfy, giving you an experience of a lifetime. Because of the Northern location, most of the places listed are cold, making it crucial to pack accordingly. When visiting a winter paradise, be sure to keep the temperature in mind ensuring that you are safe and comfortable throughout your entire journey.