5 Reasons to Go on a Senior Singles Cruise

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It’s not hard to imagine why hopping on a luxury cruise ship and sailing around the world is attractive to most people. Sunny skies, catered food, beautiful accommodation, and a new destination to explore every few days are just a few of the driving forces behind the 30 million people hopping on cruises every year. However, on top of everything that comes regular cruise, senior singles cruises come with their own perks.

To help you decide if a senior singles cruise is right for you, below are five reasons to go on a senior singles cruise.

Find the One

Meeting new people is hard enough as you grow older. Finding new romantic partners is even harder. There are all sorts of reasons for this, prioritizing time with friends and family being the main one.

Senior singles cruises are a non-intrusive way to get to know other people who are looking to date. You have a longer period of time — anywhere from days to weeks to months — to more naturally get to know people. This is unlike other forced single events, such as a one-night social gathering where you have limited time with each person. Plus, the longer you interact with people, you get a better sense of how people actually are. What better way to get to know someone than sailing across the ocean and exploring new countries with them? With a better understanding of someone’s real character, you can better decide if you want to pursue them romantically.

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Meet New Friends

As we grow older, our priorities tend to point more towards the family and friends we already have. As a result, meeting new people tends to fall by the wayside.

Even if you don’t come away with a romantic connection, senior singles cruises can then be a great way to meet new people in your later years. This is because unlike non-singles cruises, where people tend to come with their partners, families, or friends, singles cruises by definition have more people by themselves. When people are by themselves, they are more likely to try to meet new people. Plus, if it works out, the connections you make onboard can continue after the cruise is over. As you spend time with these people after the cruise, you can also join their other social circles. Depending on your cruise, there’s a good chance that the people you meet are from different parts of the world. By making friends with these people, you can open up all sorts of travel opportunities to visit them in different countries all around the world.

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Visit Multiple Locations

Why spend all the energy, time, and money planning a trip to one destination when you can explore multiple destinations over the course of one cruise? Cruises are one of the easiest, affordable ways to travel to and explore multiple locations over the course of one vacation. For instance, instead of traveling to just China, you can travel across all of Eastern Asia. A cruise of Easter Asia will likely stop in different countries, including China, every few days.

With cruises offering itineraries to just about anywhere in the world, you’re bound to find a senior singles cruise setting sail to a destination you want to visit. Plus, cruises eliminate the stress involved in booking flights, transportation on the ground, accommodation, and even food over the course of your vacation. All you have to do is board and follow port country deadlines, as everything else is conveniently taken care of.

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Try Different Things

As we get older, opportunities to try different things can become fewer and farther between. This is usually the result of a lack of access and convenience. Fortunately, activities aboard cruises check both of these boxes.

With plenty of activities, classes, and lessons aboard cruises, there are all sorts of different new experiences to be had on a daily basis. There’s also a tendency for us to focus solely on relaxation when on vacation. While there’s nothing wrong with this, cruises provide the opportunity to squeeze in some self-development among your relaxation. For example, after spending a few hours by the pool, you can brush up on your cooking skills. Afterward, enjoy your self-made meal with a glass of wine. In this sense, cruises are the best of both worlds. They make relaxation and self-development equally as convenient and accessible.

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Monotony and the negative feelings associated with monotony affect us all. While the feeling of being stuck or bored can happen at any point in our lives, retirement, less energy, and fewer opportunities can all make these feelings more present in our older years. To counteract this, a senior singles cruise is the perfect opportunity to refresh.

From waking up in a new country every day to sipping on your favorite drink overlooking the horizon to ending your day in your suite’s hot tub with a personal butler waiting on you, the opportunities for relaxation and refreshment on a cruise are endless. More generally, you can meet new people, hear new perspectives, try different things, and generally disconnect from your everyday life. Any one of these things — let alone all of them combined — can help you refresh and return to your life after the cruise filled with new motivation.

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