7 Most Extreme BASE Jumping Destinations in the World

By: Stuart Smith

True BASE jumping enthusiasts try to find the most extreme places to jump from regardless of where they have to go or what they have to do to reach the spot. These are not places for the novice or the weak hearted, but for those experienced jumpers looking for the ultimate thrill…

Editor’s Note: EscapeHere does not condone base jumping in the areas listed below. In many cases, it is illegal to base jump from particular locations and those who choose to do so could potentially face charges and/or jail time.


1. Meru Peak in the Himalayan Mountains

The site of the highest jump ever recorded. This offers a drop of over 21,000 feet from peak to bottom. The jump has only been done once and that was in 2006. Two BASE jumpers, Graham Singleman and his wife Heather Swan, took 22 days to climb to the top of the Peak before leaping off the edge and entering into the record books two minutes later when they touched bottom.

Meru Peak Himalayan Mountains

2. Burj Khalifa in Dubai,UAE

If taking 22 days to climb a mountain isn’t enticing, there’s the tallest building in the world to consider. This takes over an hour to climb nearly 3,000 feet under generally hot and humid conditions to reach the jump off point. A major drawback to this location is that one could spend up to a couple of months in jail if one is caught after they land.

Dubai Base Jumping

3. Angel Falls in Venezuela

If jumping down sheer cliffs in a race against a waterfall sounds like fun, there’s Angel Falls in Venezuela. Rising over 3,000 feet from bottom to top, Angel Falls is the highest waterfalls in the world. Unlike Dubai, BASE jumpers are welcomed here. Tour operators and professional jumpers are available to assist those who willing to trample through the jungle for this unique experience.

Angel Falls Venezuela

4. Troll Wall in Norway

Located in the Romsdalen Valley that is tucked inside the Massif Trolltindene Mountain: 3,600 feet separate the base from the summit. This location has been a favorite for BASE jumpers since the early 1980s. However, the Norwegians now frown on people coming here to jump, because it is so hard to rescue those who get into trouble. Someone getting caught can have their equipment confiscated and get hit with heavy fines.

Base Jumping Norway
Evgeniya Moroz / Shutterstock.com


5. The Empire State Building in New York City

One can do more than blow kisses to the Big Apple from up high; one can also jump off a ledge and kiss the sidewalk hello when they land. If sailing around other tall buildings sounds like fun, then one should head to New York. The Empire State Building rises upward for roughly 1,200 feet and one can scan out over the Hudson River and New Jersey has they make the leap downward. Be careful, if the police catch people jumping, the next stop could be at the courthouse to see a judge.

Base Jumping Buildings
Christophe Michot / Shutterstock.com

6. Perrine Bridge in the USA

The Perrine Bridge, located in Idaho, proves that one does not have to climb or take an elevator to have fun. Here one can drive onto the bridge and jump out of a car to quickly escape over the edge. A spectacular fall awaits the adventurer as they soar down past ragged edges and into Snake Canyon. The bridge is a mere 486 feet above the water, but jumpers attest to the complete exhilaration they feel on the way down.

Perrine Bridge

7. Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

Short jumps create a special thrill for the extreme BASE Jumpers. The Statue stands a paltry 95 feet above ground where one BASE jumper, “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner made his historic leap in 1999. This jump does not allow for any errors of any kind and is perhaps the most extreme places to leap off. If the parachute doesn’t open quickly, then there’s little reason for it to open at all.

Christ the Redeemer Statue Brazil
Christ the Redeemer Statue Brazil