7 Ways You Know You're From Toledo

By: Freelance Contributor
Looking down the Maumee River, from an elevated view, we have Toledo, Ohio. The colorful and clean skyline is reflected on the calm river Getty Images / Mike Kline / Notkalvin Photography

“Holy Toledo!” “Do you know Katie Holmes?” “Do you watch M*A*S*H?” “…are you from Spain?” Those are just a few of the many fun things you hear when someone finds out where you’re from. But being from Toledo, OH is about more than just a few phrases and famous people.

So how can you really know you’re from the Glass City, without dragging out your birth certificate? Here are seven sure signs:


1. You’re always taking visitors to Tony Packo’s

It’s a pretty famous establishment, but it’s also a restaurant you went to a lot while growing up. When friends and family from out of town visit, you immediately take them to Tony Packo’s. It’s your firm belief that no one should skip town without having at least 10 fried pickles and one topping-filled Hungarian hot dog.

2. If you don’t work for Jeep, you know someone who does

Jeep jobs are so ubiquitous here, chances are your cousin, two uncles, a few friends and your grandpa once worked there. If not, you probably work there yourself. Everyone feels a little pride when they see those vehicles out on the road, and for good reason.

3. You know summer is orange barrel season

If it wasn’t for all that ice and snow, winter driving would be pretty nice. Maybe even a little nicer than trying to get around in the summer, thanks to the constant construction. Sure, the roads need a little help (if you don’t want to keep constantly avoiding those potholes), but everyone agrees that it would be great if road work season didn’t seem to drag on and on.

4. You’ve been to more Mud Hens games than you can count

Always the loyal fan, you make it a point to check out Fifth Third Field whether your beloved Mud Hens are winning or losing. You chow down on the fried green tomato burgers, chili mac or even just some nachos and settle in for a good time. Let’s not even talk about how excited you are for Hensville, even if the construction process has made getting around a little more difficult.


5. You’ve had a stockpile of water since 2014

Apparently toxic algae in your drinking water is not a good thing, as everyone found out in 2014. After all the stores within a 10-mile radius of your home sold out of bottled water, you knew you had to be better prepared next time. That’s why you now have cases and cases of the stuff in your garage/laundry room/basement, just like all your friends and neighbors. At least you’re prepared if it happens again.

6. Maize and blue or scarlet and gray – you’ve already chosen

Clearly, everyone in Toledo loves the Mud Hens, but after that, sports get a little tricky here. Sure, the city’s in Ohio, so lots of people like Ohio State University. But it’s also practical in Michigan, so there are tons of University of Michigan fans, too, so even if the flag in front of your house is scarlet and gray, chances are your neighbor’s is maize and blue.

7. You could walk around the Toledo Zoo blindfolded

Whether it was school field trips or summer days spent there with your family, you were always at the Toledo Zoo growing up. You always headed straight to your favorite animal, but by now you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve seen the tigers and polar bears. You know it’s one of the best zoos in the country, but tell the truth: You were happy when they put in a new aquarium, so you’d have something new to explore, right?