8 Awesome Extras in Luxury Hotel Rooms

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If you have never stayed in a luxury hotel, chances are you have no idea about the awesome extras they offer. Although some may be over-the-top outrageous, such as your own soap concierge; others are just downright awesome. From loaner workout gear to endless movies to a pillow menu; these awesome extras will have you booking into a luxury hotel in no time.

8. Workout Gear

Don’t have room in your bag to pack your exercise gear, no problem if you are heading to luxury hotel. Many of these hotels are realizing the benefit of providing their guests with such things as high performance workout shorts and shirts, loaded iPods, yoga mats and weights; right to your room for free. Trump Hotels even lets you keep the shirts, shorts and shoes. At Ink48 in New York City the hotel offers loaner kits to runners that include loaded iPods, running belts equipped with water bottles, a sports watch and even a map. As well as a hydrating drink waiting for you in your room on your return. Exercising has never been easier at a luxury hotel.

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7. Mobile Phones

Imagine checking into a hotel and being handed a mobile phone, with unlimited data and calling capabilities. It sounds too good to be true right. Luckily for luxury hotel guests, this is now becoming the norm and many resorts are also picking up on the trend. At the Shangri-la Maldives guests are provided with a mobile phone complete with phone numbers programmed in, such as their personal butler, hotel restaurants and spa. The phone is also used to call for resort buggies to take them from point A to B The Cue Hotel in Hong Kong on the other hand provides a mobile phone with unlimited data, just in case you are visiting from outside the country and don’t want those nasty roaming charges. Many luxury all-inclusive hotels offer mobile phones to parents when they leave their children in the kid’s camps, ensuring they can check in and see how their kids are doing at all times.

charnsitr / Shutterstock.com
charnsitr / Shutterstock.com

6. Complimentary Movie Library

Gone are the days when you used to have to pay for movies in your hotel room, as most hotels now offer complimentary movie channels. More and more hotels are actually offering DVD libraries where you can go pick out a movie, watch it and return it the next day. But true luxury hotels are starting to offer entire digital movie libraries in the comfort of guest’s rooms. The expansive movie library can offer guests a chance to have movie marathons at night without even thinking about getting out of bed.

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5. Luxury Bathroom Amenities

One of the first places we head to when we check into any hotel is the bathroom, to check out the range of shampoos, soaps and lotions. Admit it, that’s where you go first too. Luxury hotels don’t just offer the typical amenities though and it is definitely one of the best perks when you stay at one of these hotels. Think full size bottles of perfume, soap concierges, hair curlers, refreshing towelettes, and custom skincare products. Products that are organic, made with essential plant oils and fragranced with Italian bergamot are just a few of what you will find. And did we mention that these amenities are unlimited in luxury hotels. Run out of shampoo because you took two showers? No problem, just call on your personal butler or down to the desk to receive more instantaneously. Your hair and body have never felt so good after a luxury hotel room stay.

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4. A Variety of Pillows

Hotel pillows are often an afterthought for most of us but once you stay in a luxury hotel and see a pillow menu, you will never think of pillows the same. A pillow menu is exactly what it sounds like and more and more luxury hotels are offering these to guests. It gives the guests a choice of pillows, ranging from firm to soft to down filled to foam. The Conrad Centennial Singapore actually has a total of 16 pillows to choose from including ones made of buckwheat, tatmi and porcelain. Going one step further, guests of the Beverly Hills Peninsula will have their pillowcases monogrammed with their initials, without even asking. Whoever said pillows didn’t matter, has clearly never stayed at a luxury hotel.

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3. Custom-Stocked Fridge/Mini-Bar

It doesn’t sound like much but imagine going into your hotel room, opening the mini-fridge and finding exactly what you want. This is a luxury that a lot of boutique hotels and luxury hotels are now offering. Guests have the option to pre check-in if they want certain items in their fridge. While you may be thinking about stocking your favorite beer and liquor in here, it also comes in handy if you have certain dietary restrictions. Flying from overseas makes it hard to carry certain foods and having the luxury of finding it already waiting for you in your hotel is something we can only dream of. Or course, having your favorite brand of rye in there makes it just that much sweeter.

Photo by: Flickr/charmaine
Photo by: Flickr/charmaine

2. Room Service for Pets

This has become all the rage at upscale pet-friendly hotels all over the world and as more luxury hotels are allowing furry friends to join their owners, we can imagine this extra will be taken to another level. For now, your furry friends have their own specialized room service menu, including such items as braised beef short ribs, chicken breast and poached salmon. At the Waldorf Astoria in New York, pets get served with crisp white linens and china service. In Florida at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel pets that travel with their owners are treated to a gift bag complete with food bowl and mat upon check in. Traveling with your pet has never been so posh.

Photo by: IBTimes
Photo by: IBTimes

1. Personalized Butlers

A personalized butler may be the ultimate amenity in luxury hotels and more and more hotels are jumping on board with this service. Butler services range from booking daily details such as dinner reservations to unpacking and pressing clothes to a baby butler who will feed and care for your little one while you go about your day. Butlers can act as personal shoppers, serve morning tea or even draw a perfect bath. Personalized butlers are designed to meet your every need and in many hotels these come at a steep price, but for luxury hotel guests staying in suites at the Langham in Chicago, this 24-hour personal butler service in included.

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