8 Fun and Free Attractions in Rome

By: James Stafford

A ticket to Europe can be pricy—not to mention the hotel stay, the wine, and all of that delicious pasta and pizza you want to try. That’s why doing a few Rome attractions on the cheap is essential for many visitors to the Eternal City. The good news is that we have the details on eight free attractions in Rome that won’t cost you even a Euro…


1. The Pantheon

This pagan temple that was transformed into a church in 608 A.D. is synonymous with Rome and its majesty. You can visit the Pantheon for free between Mondays and Sundays from 8:30am until 7:30pm, and on Sundays from 9pm to 6pm.

Pantheon free

2. The Forum

Admission to what was once Rome’s main ancient marketplace is free for visitors. However, you’ll need to watch your wallet in this meeting place, which was once the main thoroughfare for trading, banking, and shopping, as there are many pickpockets about.

Roman Forum

3. Trevi Fountain

Even wishes are free to make in the Eternal City, when you do so with a lucky coin at Trevi Fountain. Legend says those who do so are guaranteed a return trip to Rome.

Trevi Fountain

4. Piazza Bocca della Verita

If you live by your honesty and honor, a visit to Piazza Bocca della Verita and its Mouth of Truth, a face-like sculpture of a pagan god who is reputed to be able to detect a lie if you say it with your hand in the mouth. Beware however, if you’re caught in a fib, the mouth may devour your hand.

La Bocca della Verita


5. Appia Antica

Stroll back to ancient Rome, when no cars sped by on this peaceful route on the Appia Antica. So take your time, take lots of pictures, and take a nap in the park.

Appia Antica rome

6. The Vatican Museum

Sure, you can pay for admission to the Vatican Museum most days of the month, but on the last Sunday of each month, you can bask in the holy glory of the museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica for free.

vatican rome

7. The Spanish Steps

At Scalinata di Spagna, you’ll not only get a boo at the surrounding Spanish Embassy, shops, restaurants, and cafes, if you ascend to the top level, you’ll get be treated to one of the best views in all of Rome.

Spanish Steps rome

8. Explore the Neighborhoods of Trestevere

Wind your way through the narrow streets of Trestevere, or what is known as the “Italian Quarter” of the city. In the center you’ll find Piazza Santa Maria and one of the oldest churches in Rome with its stunning Byzantine mosaic altar. Testaccio, on the other hand, was once a merchant port stop. Today, this is where you can hit a club after filling your belly with a true Roman delicacy—stewed organ meats.

Piazza Navona