8 Most Unique New York City Restaurants

By: Stuart Smith

New York is a city with its myriad cuisines and great culture from all the places around the world. Needless to say, the food has to be a top notch for all the cultures to survive and thrive in this great city. Following is a list of the best 8 unique and versatile restaurants of New York that everyone must check out:


1. Locanda Verde, Greenwich St

This restaurant has been in business for 3 strong years and even now, it is one of the best restaurants in the city that foodies swear by. The Italian restaurant is set in a rustic neighborhood and serves the best Italian food one could possibly hope for. Robert DeNiro is the owner, but the real star of the restaurant has to be Chef Andrew Carmellini.

New York City Restaurants 1

2. Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Doyers St

This Chinatown is 92 years old, and its reputation is something to be marveled at. If you want to visit a place that serves authentic and delicious dim sums in a comfortable dining room setting, this is the place to go. It is not only satisfying in its food and great menu but the restaurant is also affordable in the expensive city of New York.

New York City Restaurants 2

3. Balthazar Restaurant, Sprint St

The catchiest thing about the restaurant is the amazing building and the exquisite design. They serve traditional bistro food and you can have amazing breakfast as well as late night supper in this place. The pastries and bread come from its own bakery, and the wine list is exotic and extensive. There is also a raw seafood bar to try.

New York City Restaurants 3

4. Lure Fishbar

This is a versatile place to have meals and can be chosen for a quiet and romantic date or an official business meeting, such is the décor and atmosphere. The restaurant boasts of providing the best burgers of the city. The sushi is something to die for, and they also serve exquisite steak and seafood. Definitely a stop worth having if you enjoy good seafood.


5. Il Buco Alimetari E Vineria, Great Jones St

Visit this place in the morning to enjoy fresh homemade breads and have a light breakfast with their gorgeous Italian pastries. For lunch, they have a great variety of pastas, sandwiches, and charcuterie. For dinner, the place serves great and traditionally rustic Italian meals. There is also a bar, which is usually bustling with activity.

New York City Restaurants 5

6. Perla, Minetta Lane

This is a fairly new restaurant and has been there for only a year. However, the chef Toscano is young and brimming with ideas, which makes this Italian place a winner. The pastas are exquisite and Michael Toscano’s huge pieces of meat are a treat for the taste buds. This place is best visited when you are with a group of friends and then, you can try the dry aged porterhouse and split the veal head between three people. The dining room provides a cozy and intimate setting where the service is charming and the food is terrific.

New York City Restaurants 6

7. Red Farm, Hudson St

This is a sweet and cozy Chinese place and is contemporary, which is why it has recently been attracting so much attention from New Yorkers and tourists alike. The dim sum of the chef is easily the newest and the most innovative thing the restaurant has to offer. Do try the playful “Pac man” dumplings and pastrami egg roll. The lamb dumplings are pan fried and delicious. In the mains, grilled Creekstone steak would set your taste buds on fire.

New York City Restaurants 7

8. Takashi, Hudson St

If you are a meat lover, close your eyes and walk into this amazing restaurant where adventurous foodies are going to have a ball. They offer the best steak that is cooked in front of you on electric grills. There is also a lot for offal lovers.

These restaurants are the best in New York and sum up the city’s great food culture pretty neatly.

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