9 Signs You Were Born To Travel

Photo by: Twirl The Globe

We all love a good vacation, with all the food, drinks and relaxation, how can we not? But there are some people out there for whom no vacation (no matter the length) is ever enough. Those who constantly have travel on the brain and wanderlust in their veins. If you can relate with any of these 9¬†signs, chances are you’re a natural born traveler. Better get used to it.

9. You find old plane tickets all the time

In your suitcase, purses, bags, books… you name it. They just seem to pop up and they always bring a smile to your face.

Photo by: Cinemaven

8. Travel gear gets you excited

You always have a pair of noise cancelling ear buds in your bag. You love hearing about the latest in compression packing technology and you have an unspoken bond with your backpack.

Photo by: 20 Liter Life
Photo by: 20 Liter Life

7. There’s no country that isn’t on your Bucket List

And every time someone talks about their trips, you seem to add a new destination to the list. You’ll get to them all eventually right?


6. The thought of your passport expiring causes chest pains

We’re talking actual anxiety because the thought of being stuck in your own borders should the opportunity for travel occur, is simply not an option.


5. Anytime someone says they’re traveling, you automatically think of restaurant recommendations

Because you not only remember destinations by experiences, you remember them by flavors.

Sunflowerey / Shutterstock.com
Sunflowerey / Shutterstock.com

4. You have tiny toiletries packed and ready to go. Always

The essentials like shampoo, conditioner, sanitizer, toothpaste, wet wipes and moisturizer are always on-hand for spontaneous travel.

travel toiletries

3. Your phone is loaded with travel apps

You know the value of having information on the go and know how to make the most of it. Currency converter, maps, restaurant app, itinerary manager…you’ve got it all.

Photo by: Cool Things
Photo by: Cool Things

2. You enjoy planning the trip just as much as taking it

Taking the trip is only HALF the fun. The other part is the planning, research and build up that gets you oh so excited. So much so that you’ve even offered to plan other people’s for them.

Photo by: Twirl The Globe
Photo by: Twirl The Globe

1. You’re constantly checking for ‘good deals on flights’, because you know…just in case

Because a good deal is a good deal and you wouldn’t want to pass that up. It’s doesn’t even matter the destination, it’s somewhere new right?

Photo by: Air New Zealand
Photo by: Air New Zealand

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