Amtrak Identification Requirements

By: George Adelman
An image of the Amtrak train at the station with passengers waiting on the other side

Amtrak is a passenger railroad service provider that covers medium to long-term distances throughout the city in the United States as well as Canadian Cities. The Amtrak headquarters is located towards the Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Amtrak is known to operate in more than 500 places in the 46 US states and 3 of the Canadian provinces. It operates more than 300 trains on a daily basis and works an additional 132 miles of track. Amtrak has employed over 20,000 people and serves more than 31.7 million passengers. According to research, almost about 87,000 passengers take Amtrak on a regular basis.

There are certain requirements while boarding the Amtrak, which have been listed below:


Valid Photo ID

Customers who are 18 years of age or older than 18 must present a valid photo ID during the following instances:

  • Exchanging, refunding, or reprinting Amtrak documents
  • Storing and checking baggage at stations
  • Using Amtrak for sending shipments
  • Traveling to Canada
  • Guardian signing a release form for an unaccompanied minor
  • Traveling as a pass rider or purchasing any documents

Furthermore, you should also carry a valid ID with you if you wish to board the Amtrak. The following are considered as valid IDs:

  • Photo ID issued by the government
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • ID Card issued by the government
  • Health ID card
  • Military card
  • Student ID card
  • Jobs photo ID

The Amtrak also conducts various random tickets and ID checks, so make sure that you have everything in place at all times. One of the members of the crew onboard will be making these random checks. You can also purchase a ticket on board for a certain fee.

Moreover, the baggage of all passengers will be tagged with ID. There are a few baggage restrictions for the safety and comfort of all passengers. You can get free ID tags at the station as well.


Traveling From US to Canada

If you are traveling internationally from the United States to Canada, you will have to present a valid ID. According to the Americana and Canadian law enforcement, trains that pass by the border are subject to inspection. You will have to present information about the number of passengers traveling with you as well as your country of origin. The information which you provide will be then reviewed by the customs and immigration officials. It is essential to carry the documents and the identification which was recommended at the time of reserving the tickets. Make sure that you have the original documents with you as the authorities available over there will not accept copies or pictures on your mobile device.