Baltimore Gay and Lesbian Guide

By: George Adelman

Known as the Charm City, Baltimore indeed has a lot of charisma and appeal to offer. Being an independent town, Baltimore doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any county, which is why it’s a rather free city offering unrestrained liberty to its citizens. Baltimoreans boast of their hometown’s liberalism, which can be easily corroborated by the city’s ranking in the list of America’s most liberal cities. According to Forbes, Baltimore is the tenth most tolerant city in the states. And Forbes is not the only agency to think so; many other national and international organizations have dubbed Baltimore among the most open-minded cities in America and rightfully so.

The Monumental City, an epithet Baltimore earned for having the most monuments in any American town, is relatively a small city, but its spirit is as big and vibrant as it comes.

Be it carnivals, social nooks, markets, or eating fests; the charming city has all the ingredients that make it a complete holiday package for people coming from out of town. While there are attractions for everyone visiting Baltimore, the LGBTQ community particularly gets to have a ball, thanks to the many hangout points all over the city. If you plan to visit the City That Believes, another title conferred to the Maryland city, you should check out the following LGBTQ-centric gatherings and clubs to experience the welcoming vibe of the metropolis.


LGBTQ Festivals In Baltimore

Baltimore Pride

Like many other American cities, Baltimore hosts a pride event each year in June, attended by approximately 30000 people. The gathering takes place in three parts, a parade, a block party, and a friendly get-together in Druid Hall Park.

Black LGBTQ Pride

Held in October every year, black LGBTQ pride brings together black sexual minorities from all over the city.

Gay And Lesbian Clubs

Club 1772

Club 1772 is the most frequented after-hour hangout in Baltimore. Known for its cheerful ambiance and eclectic live music, the club opens at 1:45 am on Fridays and Saturdays for people to enjoy their weekend to the fullest.


The Drinkery

Situated in the gayborhood part of the city of Baltimore, the 48-year-old Drinkery bar is a local hotspot for the LGBTQ community. The dive bar offers live karaoke shows, TV screenings, and strong-spirited drinks to its guests. It is a laidback gathering spot, where one can have slow-paced fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Though an exclusively gay bar, the Drinkery welcomes everyone who wants to unwind without any pretenses.

The Baltimore Eagle

A luminary in the gay bar industry, the Eagle opens its door to the LGBTQ community in Baltimore last year after much uncertainty. Nonetheless, the place is now up and running, offering pretty risqué entertainment to its customers. From unabated flirting to titillating affairs, one can explore sexuality and power dynamics in relationships down to the tee at the Baltimore Eagle. The club also houses a leather and video store for people to spice up their encounters in-house or elsewhere.

Have a peaceful night at club 1772 or go wild at the Baltimore Eagle to explore the gay nightlife scene in Monumental City.