Benefits of Buying a Roma Pass on Your Trip to Rome

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For those visiting Rome and planning to see the sites for more than 3-days, the Roma pass is a great deal! The pass was developed in collaboration with Rome’s City Council, public transit, and the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural as a special tourist pass that grants visitors and culture-savvy locals several discounts and convenience offers to various Rome museums, ruins, sites, and public transit.

If you plan to see any of the following sites, the Roma pass is well worth the money:

1. The Roma pass covers your public transportation to various Rome sites—including the Ostia Antica.

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2. If you plan to see the Colosseum, Forum, Borghese, and Ostia Antica, the Roma pass instantly pays for itself—while the pass costs 19 euro; a single ticket admission to any of these sites is 23 euro—minus the cost of transit.

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3. The Roma pass grants the convenience of one pass in place of multiple transit tickets and admission passes so you will never need to scramble to buy metro tickets or worry about losing multiple slips of paper.

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4. A lesser known perk of the Roma pass is that it allows you to skip the ticket-buying line at several sites—i.e., the Colosseum.

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