Best Healthy Restaurants in Brooklyn

By: George Adelman

Shifting to healthy eating is an initiative most of us need to take. When we are young, we have the urge to try everything and to live life to the fullest. We need to understand that this can be done if you are eating healthy. In fact, it can be attempted in a better way. Your eating habits at this age will affect your health when you grow old, so try your best and prepare your body for later.


Healthy Restaurants

If you want to do this but are afraid that you don’t have enough time to cook something healthy every day, you can always get healthy food in Brooklyn by visiting some of the best restaurants. To get you started, here is a list of the top 3 best healthy restaurants in Brooklyn that you can try.


Juice Press

Juice Press has been serving people in Brooklyn and nationwide for over a decade now. Their mission is to provide people with vegan options that they can make a part of their lives. Moreover, they are against processed food, which has sadly become our go-to option for any meal of the day. While they understood back then that the journey would be difficult, they have proved that it is still possible if you are as determined as them.

JP is known for its smoothies. One of their specialties includes Nurse Ginger Green. Apart from smoothies, they also have great options for breakfast and lunch. We would suggest that you try their whole menu by ordering something new every day. For breakfast, you can start by trying their wild berry jam along with your serving. As for lunch, they have a variety of different soups, which are all delicious!



Being a small café in town, they are very particular about hygiene. Newtown has to be our favorite restaurant when it comes to trying new things. Their ideology is to provide customers with safe, clean, and healthy food. It is something that they have given importance to from the beginning, and we all can now understand even better after the pandemic.

Their hummus is something you shouldn’t leave without trying. There are various options available for hummus so that you can choose it according to your taste buds. Furthermore, you should also try their sandwiches and soups.


Jungle Café

Whether you live in Brooklyn, are traveling for work, or a trip, you have to try Jungle Café at least once. Being another vegan restaurant in town, Jungle Café is innovative in whatever they do; you could witness it in their name. When they were building it, their goal was to create the place with love, and you can feel it from the moment you enter the place.

Coming to their specialties, you should try their jungle burrito and vegan nuggets for sure. However, if you are a resident of Brooklyn who is yet to explore their menu, you will have to decide what your personal favorite is. Lastly, they also have a kids menu, which means your kids will now voluntarily go for vegan options that are creatively presented as well.

We hope that our top picks for healthy restaurants in Brooklyn will motivate you to make healthier choices in life.