The Best Indoor Hotel Pools In The World

By: Olivia Di Pede
Side view of a Caucasian woman resting at poolside. She is enjoying a quiet weekend at the spa. Getty Images / Fotostorm Studio (Fotostorm Studio (Photographer) - [None]

Amenities like a fitness center, spa or pool are huge attractions when it comes to booking a hotel accommodation. Luckily, there are many hotels around the world that realize this and have constructed some pretty impressive facilities, especially when it comes to indoor pools. From a family-friendly wave pool to a tropical oasis with a retractable roof, follow along as we round up some of the world’s most incredible indoor swimming pools.


15. Crown Towers Hotel – Taipa Island Macau, China

This beautiful indoor pool is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls and faces right out into the ocean. It is one of the best indoor infinity pools that gives swimmers the feeling of being on the edge of the cliff, but still safely inside. The wide steps lets swimmers enter the water with ease and the large oval ceiling with a huge rounded skylight lets plenty of natural light in. Chic lounge chairs are arranged on the deck of the pool if you just want to just relax and take in the beautiful outside view. Enjoy this pool, rain or shine and make sure to head here during sunset where the sky turns an incredible shade of pink and the skyline lights up. You won’t find any kids splashing around in this place, just the ultimate relaxation experience.

14. Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It calls itself the most luxurious hotel in the world and we aren’t surprised that this hotel features four pools, one of them being an indoor infinity pool that overlooks the Persian Gulf. Decorated in dazzling colors of gold, green and blue, the pool is housed in a room including towering columns, intricate tile work and aquamarine clear water. The bottom of the pool also happens to be tiled in the brilliant colors. Wide stairs lead into this pool which is more for taking in the views and less for swimming laps. Lounge chairs and benches are present on the deck as well as a separate whirlpool. Seeing as it’s Dubai, expect luxury furnishings and linens such as antique loungers and the best towels you have ever used. Not many can afford to stay in this hotel but if you can, make sure to check out the indoor pool.

13. Mandarin Oriental – New York City, United States

The indoor pool at the Mandarin Oriental is located high above the city, on the 36th floor of this impressive hotel. This tranquil pool stretches over 75 feet and offers floor to ceiling views of the city below. This pool wasn’t built for the views though; it was built for laps and offers three separate lanes for swimmers. The beautiful views of the Hudson River make it worthy of a swim. The luxury loungers and benches provide ample opportunity to see the views even if you don’t plan on taking a dip. The pool is open to all hotel guests and people of all ages can enjoy it, even the little ones. If you aren’t a hotel guest and want to experience this pool, you can indulge in a spa treatment at the famous day spa, which gains you an all-day access pass to the pool without the price of accommodations.

12. InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile – Chicago, United States

This junior Olympic indoor heated pool is original to this hotel which was actually built in the 1920’s. Located directly above the Grand Ballroom, one can immediately tell by the stunning architecture, beautiful tile work and ornate stained-glass windows that it is a true wonder. It holds an open-air type of feeling to it without the chlorine smell and stuffiness that often accompanies indoor pools. It was quite the engineering feat at the time it was built as it was one of the highest indoor pools in the world, located on the fourteenth floor. Today it charms visitors, taking them back to a time when the famous Johnny Weissmuller trained in it. The terra-cotta fountain of Neptune on the east wall remains unchanged from those days and has become a landmark in this historic hotel.


11. Wilderness at the Smokies Resort – Tennessee, United States

The Wilderness at the Smokies resort features a whopping 66,000 square foot indoor waterpark and a wave pool. This 10,000 square foot pool offers rolling waves that can be enjoyed by hopping on an inner tube or simply riding them body surf style. The waves here feel just like the ocean and non-swimmers are invited to sit on the shore in one of the many loungers and let the water crash over their feet. In order to visit this pool, you will have to be a guest and pay for accommodation, but it’s well worth the price for such a unique experience. Think of a giant indoor amusement park, complete with hot tubs for the adults.

10. Four Seasons Hotel – Hampshire, United Kingdom

Unlike many British hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel indoor pool is actually connected to the main hotel, a rarity in this location. That is only one of the reasons this pool gets major points. The heated pool is housed in a beautiful conservatory with glass walls from the floors all the way around the building, letting an abundance of natural light in. On sunny days the pool actually sparkles in the light. Adults can swim from the indoor section out to the adults-only vitality pool complete with massaging jets. Permanent swim lanes are present in the indoor pool, but leave enough room for kids and non serious swimmers to have a splash. Comfortable loungers and beautiful flowers complete the scene at this breathtaking indoor hotel pool.

9. Grand Cascades Lodge – New Jersey, United States

This tropical indoor pool complex at the Grand Cascades Lodge features a retractable roof, among many other amazing features. This Biosphere, as it is called, features an impressive amount of lush tropical foliage throughout, along with dazzling views of the surrounding mountains. It also happens to feature an advanced roof that lets in almost 100% of the light transmission leading to all year tanning. The heated pool features an amazing 140-foot waterslide and waterfalls throughout. Other amazing features include an underground aquarium, grotto-like Jacuzzi and cave themed steam room and sauna. You will have to be a guest at this lodge in order to be privy to this amazing indoor pool. And just in case you need a bite to eat, there is a café inside serving up freshly made gelato and innovative tropical drinks. Located just 50 miles outside of Manhattan, this is the perfect weekend getaway.

8. Grand Hotel de Bordeaux -Bordeaux, France

If you have wanted to feel as though you are swimming inside of a museum, head to the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux in France. Swimmers here will find white day beds and gold-framed European art throughout the pool area. Striking red, gold and black pillars tower throughout the room and gold statues spit waterfalls out from the walls. It feels more like you are swimming in ancient times, when public bathhouses were all the rage and the water almost looks black which adds to the allure of the pool. Make sure you don’t bring any children to this pool and check when you are booking your accommodation that the pool is included with your reservation or you will have to pay extra to use it. One nice feature about this pool is you can adjust the current and swim your laps in it, quickly and efficiently, all while admiring your surroundings.

7. Royal Sonesta – Boston, United States

This atrium style pool is rated one of the best in all of Boston and happens to be one of the largest in the area. The pool measures 30 by 45 feet and features sliding glass walls along with a retractable roof. Featuring three lap lanes and a large area for the casual swimmer or splasher, this pool can meet the needs of every guest. The pool here is actually salt-water and chemical and chlorine free, offering a cleaner and less harsh swimming environment for its users. During the nice weather the roof opens and you can enjoy swimming in the open-air, as well as catching some rays on the sundeck that overlooks the Charles River. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult here and no lifeguard is present so adults must keep a close eye on their little ones.


6. Holiday Inn – Shanghai, China

If you have a fear of heights, chances are you won’t want to swim in this thrilling pool that is located 100 meters up in the air with nothing but a glass floor beneath you. On the 24th story is where this pool is located and although much of it is inside, the very deep end is actually located outside the building, suspended above the ground. The pool is a total of thirty meters long and surrounded by luxe furnishings, loungers and mosaic tile. Swimmers in the suspended part can look down onto the scenery of Pudong, as well as walkers can look up to see the swimmers. The pool also features a lounge that boasts views of the Lujiazui Skyline. It is the first ever of its kind in China and visitors will have to be a guest of the hotel to try this unique indoor swimming pool.

5. The Langham – London, England

What was once a large bank vault is now this hotel’s indoor swimming pool and it is absolutely breathtaking. A dripping chandelier and metal staircase sets the stage for an elegant swimming experience here. This pool is purely for swimming and with no lounge chairs or resting spots; it provides the perfect peaceful opportunity. Try to avoid the children swim times if you are looking to get some laps in, or just soak in silence. The dark textured walls, the different shades of blue tiles on the pool floor and the sketched glass walls make this one of the most enticing pools we have seen in a hotel. Once you are done with the swimming pool, head over to the vitality pool, salt sauna or steam room that this hotel also offers.

4. Ritz-Carlton – Hong Kong, China

The ceiling and walls at this pool are covered with 144 LED screens that change from coral reefs to fish to beach sand to peaceful skies, and the sparkling blue water set the stage for this lovely pool located in the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. This pool is located all the way on the 118th floor and offers some breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline. This infinity pool is hailed as being one of the highest swimming pools in the whole world and one that you truly have to experience yourself to believe the height of it. An outdoor hot tub accompanies the pool as well as a bar. The simple yet comfortable chairs and loungers provide ample space to relax up here. You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy this pool, day passes can be purchased and include admission to the sauna, gym and other facilities which can also save you some money.

3. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – St. Moritz, Switzerland

The dazzling blue infinity pool that resides in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel looks out to some of the most amazing views in the world. The pool is housed in a room with floor to ceiling windows that look out to the spectacular Swiss Alps, whether completely snow covered in the winter or lush with greenery in the summer. The pool features natural rock waterfalls and warm water temperatures which is perfect for ultimate relaxation. There are plenty of lounge chairs and small tables to enjoy while not in the water and many people visit here just for the views. It is easy to enjoy this pool even if the children tag along as the kids club system runs from 8 am to 8 pm at this luxury boutique hotel and there are plenty of trained caretakers to watch them while you enjoy the views.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace – Rajasthan, India

This palace, built between 1928 and 1943 is the last of the great palaces of India and one of the largest private residences in the world. Luckily visitors here have their choice of 64 rooms and suites to stay in, and one very impressive indoor pool. It is an Art-Deco style indoor pool that has raving reviews with its museum-level wall paintings. The pool is actually located in the basement and although it doesn’t feature any natural light, visitors will be too busy admiring the intricate details around them to notice. The clear blue water, the surrounding candles and the low lighting sets the mood for an absolute escape from reality. The Jive Spa located next to the pool offers an extensive spa menu if your dip in the pool wasn’t relaxing enough.


1. Omni Bedford Springs – Pennsylvania, United States

This heated indoor spring-fed pool was built in 1905 and is one of the first indoor pools in the United States. Back then it would feature musicians that played from an elevated opera box that would serenade swimmers and legend has it that certain daredevils used to dive into the water from the upper levels. Today the pool has been restored to its once charming beauty and swimmers can dive right in year round. The grand hall that the pool is housed in features an upper level balcony, comfortable lounge chairs and wooden rockers. French doors and windows let the natural light shine in no matter what season it is and the twin staircases leading down to the pool make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. One major bonus is that this pool is open 24 hours a day, which is a rarity in the hotel world.