Best Places for Sharing a Glass of Wine with Your Partner

By: Guest Author
Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

People usually mention wine and romance in the same breath. Their essence is so intertwined that when you think about one, the other automatically comes to mind. Keeping this in view, we have sifted a list of the best places for sharing a glass of wine with your partner.

You cannot think of romantic celebrations without wine, and wine calls for romance. One completes the other. Read on to find out where you can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of your loved one.


Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

The wine routes of Stellenbosch pose as the main attraction of the Western Cape for many. Stellenbosch is the undisputed gourmet capital. The wine-lands provide a serene atmosphere for you to enjoy a romantic wine tasting evening with your special one. There are more than 150 wine farms and estates where you can sample award-winning wines and relax completely. 

Bordeaux, France

France is the most romantic country with a penchant for fine cuisine, and Bordeaux is the wine capital of France. Here you can enjoy an intoxicating wine adventure with your partner. Enjoy a blissful tasting session on the various châteaux’s spectacular grounds or take a guided tour and learn how wine is produced and stored. La Cité du Vin offers you and your partner the opportunity to explore the cultures and civilizations of wine through an immersive, sensorial approach. 

Tuscany, Italy

If you want to add some old school charm to your love story, Tuscany is the ideal choice for you. You can take your partner for wine tasting at rustic farmhouses or medieval castles, whatever pleases both of you. The scenic Chianti region looks like something straight out of a postcard. Its rolling hills and cypress-lined streets have endless romantic glamour. Tuscany is the most famous of all Italian wine regions. Some of the wines from here are well-known around the world and what better place to taste them than the beautiful place they are made in. An absolute favorite among couples is the Stella Rosa Black wine from Italy.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Marlborough is a dream destination for those who love wines. It is responsible for 77% of the total wine production in New Zealand. You can plan a romantic getaway to this place for moments that you and your partner will remember for life. Bask in the sunshine, take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy picnics you’re your favorite wine baskets.  There are many vineyard restaurants, too, if you prefer that option.


Napa Valley, USA

This is the perfect place for anniversary or birthday celebrations, or to enjoy a glass of wine without any special occasion. The Napa Valley brings for the ultimate combination of romance and wine. You can enjoy picnics at vineyards, indulge in spa treatments along with picturesque hot springs with a glass of wine at hand, or go all out with a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise. For those who prefer the conventional ways, you do have the option to enjoy your wine with your special one at a white tablecloth‏ gourmet meal. If you and your partner love wines and gorgeous sunny days put Napa Valley at the top of your bucket list of romantic getaways. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini has earned the reputation of being one of the most romantic islands in the world. Imagine you and your special one on the balcony of one of the white-washed hotels with wine glasses in your hands, watching the red sun immerse itself in the sparkling waters. Absolute perfection! It is also possible to visit Santorini’s vineyards and wineries. The island exports wine throughout the world and has a long history of wine-making. It would be an ideal trip for oenophiles.

Mendoza, Argentina

This wine capital of Argentina boasts of awe-inspiring beauty. It hosts the National Grape Harvest Festival in March, which is the best time to visit the city with your partner for an amazing wine-tasting adventure. The vineyards are located at one of the highest elevations in the world, thus being in the position to offer you spectacular views. This city is famous as the fastest growing wine-producing region in the world. You can take your favorite wine along to Andes Mountains or the magnificent Villavicencio Reserve and enjoy a romantic date with the love of your life. The snow-capped mountains and greenery offer the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with love and wine. Create your itinerary, hire a private driver, and take your own time exploring the vineyards of Mendoza. 

Yarra Valley, Australia

It is the birthplace of the wine industry of Victoria, with a history stretching back 170 years. Its cool climate makes it a perfect romantic destination. Yarra Valley is a well-kept secret of the international wine scene. It produces some of the most elegant wines in Australia. You and your partner can sample gourmet food while sipping on some good wine in this premier wine region of Australia.  

These are a few of the best places for sharing a glass of wine with your partner. Much can be shared over a glass of wine, and you and your loved one can build memories that will last a lifetime.