Best Summer Day Parties in Chicago

By: George Adelman
Bean cloud under the summer sky in Chicago

The blustery Midwestern city of Chicago has seen a tumultuous past, losing a significant part of its land to the 1970 conflagration. Yet the Windy City rose and is now one of the most habitable places in America. Home to the famous bean cloud, Chicago has many things to offer to its residents and visitors alike. From delectable food items to stunning beaches and architecture, the City Of Neighborhoods provides a comprehensive holiday package for anyone looking for a quick getaway. Bright and sunny Chicago is a warm and welcoming town that hosts many convivial get-togethers for its social birds like the cheery summer day parties held on rooftop lounges on Sundays throughout the summer.

And thanks to the beautiful blue skies and water bodies in the city that brightly sparkle under the warm sunlight, the weekend soirées turn much more fun and animated. If you truly want to relish the Chicagoan summer, you must attend (or at least make a cameo appearance at) any of the city’s Sunday parties.



Sadly, complete beachwear is not allowed in all the social places in Chicago, but thankfully, Castaways is not one of them. You can prance around the lounge in whatever clothes you wish to don. The open-air space, Castaways, is situated on north avenue beach right above the volleyball courts. Visitors can view the game unfettered on the expansive patio with live music filling the background. And the avid fans can book the cabanas to enjoy the game with just their friends.

Guests get to nosh decadent salads, wraps, sandwiches, and sip on lip-smackingly delicious frozen cocktails on the menu. The summer party at Castaways is a relaxed gathering with tasteful food and music.


Liquid Brunch At J. Parker

Held at the grand rooftop lounge of Lincoln hotel, the liquid brunch at J. Parker presents a smorgasbord with a stunning view. A Dj starts the music, switching between peppy tunes, after a quick meal from the seasonal menu that has mini burgers, hummus wings, and Midwestern cheeses.

After the bite, guests can sip on citrusy cocktails while enjoying the panoramic view through the floor to ceiling windows all around the place.


Feast In The Club At Soho House Chicago

The deluxe West Loop Luxe Hotel Soho House holds an exclusive party every Sunday for its members and guests of the property. It’s an elite affair with an extensive menu consisting of everything from made-on-order omelets to raw bar. A live band plays sweet music, shifting between blues, New Orleans, and jazz throughout the evening.

Initially, the event begins on the fifth floor, but eventually, the crowd is ushered to the next level, where people can sit by the pool and enjoy the spectacular skyline view around them.


ROOF Sundays At The Wit

ROOF Sundays at the Wit are nationally acclaimed for its Sunday activities. Each summer, the organizers choose a different theme for the vibrant get-together, which includes cocktails, fashion shows, and unlimited socializing.

Set 27 stories above, the 7000-square-feet alfresco venue offers breathtaking views of the city to guests clad in elegant attires. The food at the party highlights culinary excellence as all the items on the menu are sumptuous and flavorful, including jerk chicken flatbread, tempura lobster rolls, strawberry macaroons, salted chocolate chip cookies, and mint chip ice cream.

Taste the summery goodness of Chicago at its day parties every summer!