The World's Best Sunsets

By: Clarissa Vanner
A landscape shot of one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Greece, right after the sunset. You can see the traditional whitewashed houses and the beautiful colors of the sunset at this special location. Getty Images / Dimitris Meletis

There’s something so beautiful about sunsets especially when you’re traveling. It almost signals the perfect ending to a perfect day. Sunsets are captivating, romantic, and one of nature’s free sources of entertainment! But have you ever wondered why sunsets are so beautiful? Many people believe it’s due to pollution in the lower atmosphere, however, haze in the air actually mutes the colors. Clean air is actually what makes sunsets so beautiful. Better yet, that sunset experience can be further enhanced if there are few light clouds in the sky. The clouds act as a canvas and absorb and reflect the sun’s rays making the colors even more vibrant. 

While you can surely experience a beautiful sunset almost anywhere nothing quite compares to views from these destinations. Here are the world’s best sunsets that you do not want to miss! 


Key West -Florida, USA

Key West, Florida is a unique kind of paradise. The pretty sunsets are picturesque as the palms add dimensional flare to the deep oranges of the sky. This is when the fun begins in Key West. A sunset celebration begins every evening at Mallory Square and the streets fill with people taking part in the celebration. If this tiny island wasn’t magical enough during the day, then stay around to see what happens at sunset. 

Tightrope walkers, animal acts, jugglers, and musicians all bring the scene to life. Street cafes and open-air bars are the prime spots to relax, and enjoy the sea air, while the sun does its evening ritual. You can even take a boat out on the water and be moved by fascinating contrasts between ocean and sky. Some like to stroll along the harbor where the shrimp boats used to come in, but no matter which way you choose to enjoy the sunset, Key West will not disappoint. 


Missoula -Montana, USA

Montana is known as ‘big sky country’ and this couldn’t be truer for the amazing sunsets that happen here. But if you’re looking for the best sunset in Montana the views in Missoula are unmatched. Missoula sits nestled in a valley with mountains holding the diverse city. Pick a mountain, or sit by a river at dusk and you will be surrounded by a canopy of color. The oranges and pinks go on as far as the eye can see. Any direction you look will be prompted by mountain peaks adding a 3-D dimension to the sunset. 

Each evening casts a whole new type of sunset leaving you to stop whatever you are doing and stand in awe of the fiery sky. If you add a music festival or any other Missoula event to this experience, the moment will claim your heart forever. The diverse flavor of the people and landscape only heightens the sacred sunsets. There really is nothing like a little bit of mountain air and a beautifully fading sun to inspire the soul.


Santorini -Greece

The most photographed city in Greece is Santorini. This is mostly due to the fact that it boasts a picturesque landscape. The beautiful white architecture that sits aside the cliff edges is a sight to see in itself. But the city also has the most romantic sunsets that you don’t want to miss. 

Many people who come to Santorini chase the sunset, trying to capture a new view each evening. It is just that good. The Mediterranean Sea offers some of the best sunsets in the world, as well as the best wines. The combination is a sweet one for a complete romantic evening. Crystal clear water in the caldera reflects the colors of the sun as the red or black beaches compliment the moment. Santorini is breathtaking from every angle, any time of day or night; it is only natural this would be one of the world’s best places to watch the sunset. 


The Maldives

The islands of the Maldives are an in-between trading route located on the Indian Ocean. The Maldives boasts some of the best white sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs and is the perfect landscape for breathtaking sunsets. Undisturbed transparent waters reflect the local backdrops of huts carved from the orange dusk. 

Hop on over to Cocoa Island to take in a lagoon with many shades of blue. No matter what island you jump to here, you are guaranteed to have a front-row seat to one of the best sunsets in the world. The aquamarine life is as colorful as the sunsets. Dolphins and turtles are abundant, people are optional, and the Maldives remain a quiet destination into an elegant world. See it for yourself and you’ll be no doubt changed forever.


Sedona -Arizona, USA

The landscape in Sedona, Arizona is completely different than its closest cities, Phoenix or Flagstaff. People see Sedona as a place to raise their spiritual connection. Perhaps that’s because it’s a landscape where the desert meets mountains. Or perhaps it’s all the powerful shades of red and orange coming out of the canyons to kiss the sky. Either way, make your way to ‘Slide Rock’ and sit on a gigantic flat rock surrounded by mellow waters. 

Wait for the sunset to gently paint the red rocks with vibrant glowing colors and you will feel one with nature. A touch of forestry in the mountains will lend a beautiful green backdrop to the entire experience. Climb to the top of one of the red rock formations at dusk and you will have a chance to take part in the sunset ritual. 


Cliffs of Moher -Ireland

Ireland is already a majestic place with landscapes that will leave anyone breathless. The Cliffs of Moher are one of  Ireland’s most beloved tourist attractions. The jagged cliffs stretch out along the seaside. But the best time to visit the cliffs is during sunset. The crowds are less and admission is free! 

As the sun sets take in the view of the fiery red hues that reflect off the cliffs creating a majestic photographic moment. You can also check out the different paths that walk along the cliffs for an even better viewpoint. The breathtaking views of the sunset can also be seen from the O’Brien’s Tower or enjoyed on one of the many café patios. Wherever you choose to take in the view, it will certainly be a memorable one. 


Nice -France

Once again, the Mediterranean beckons in a place called Nice, located in the French Riviera. The picturesque landscape is one of inspiration and the bluest waters of the Cote d’ Azur rise to meet this dramatically carved French city letting you know you have arrived somewhere grand. But when you’re ready to take in the sunset, the top of Castle Hill is where you want to be.

You will witness the orange and pink sky slowly rise above the city beneath you. On Castle Hill, you get a birds-eye view of the city and seascape, witnessing all of it in panoramic form. Nice’s appeal is old world charm mixed with city grit. Stroll along a French boardwalk by the water or sit in one of the many cafes, and let yourself be transformed. This city’s location is one of the finest in the world and the sunsets are legendary. 


Puerto Viejo -Costa Rica

Most people are familiar with the Pacific side of this modern country, yet only a few will venture east to the Caribbean side. When they do, they are surprised by a beautiful, hidden gem called Puerto Viejo. The ocean is both majestic and quiet creating the perfect atmosphere to watch the sunset. 

You may even get the chance to witness a monkey, iguana, or sloth pass by as you take in the sunset. As the evening progresses, the sunset creates a cozy feeling of pure happiness and then transitions into the beautiful night sky. Puerto Viejo will whisper for you to return, and you most certainly will.


San Juan Islands -Washington, USA

This is more than a sunset; it is a ‘celestial event’. Imagine sitting down to watch a sunset that goes hand in hand with the Northern Lights? This unique experience is a sight you don’t want to miss. 

San Juan is a scenic ferry ride to your dream sunset, and with a little luck, the experience of the Northern Lights. The sunset boasts the most perfect hues of orange and red and can only be described as mesmerizing. If you’re lucky, the sunset will transition into the night sky to unveil the captivating Northern lights. Every time you view the lights it will be a unique experience. Sometimes the lights move like waves, while other times they exhibit dramatic swirls of rhythm.


Tanzania -Africa

Tanzania is where you will find Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti. It is also home to one of the most dangerous animal in the world, the hippo, along with many other unique species. Most importantly, it is also where you will experience one of the most tantalizing sunsets in the entire world. Waves of heat will slow the sundown as colors seem to melt right before your eyes. 

If you are lucky, a herd of animals may pass by in the distance creating the most majestic sunset landscape you’ve ever seen.  A sunset like this brings to life everything you thought to be true about wild Africa.  This life-changing experience should definitely be on your bucket list.