Blue Martini Las Vegas Lounge

By: George Adelman
A welcome sign to Las Vegas

The sin city is recognized as the ultimate destination for exuberant experiences. Whether someone wants to dine at an upscale restaurant infused with a soothing ambiance or caper around in a charged environment, they can live through both experiences at the endless slate of social points in Las Vegas. While the locations to spend an evening in the gambling capital of the world are limitless, there is only a handful that offers a wholesome experience streaked with grandeur and casual vibes. But the Blue Martini lounge in the town square is one such gathering spot that’s upscale with the trendiness of any casual place.

The high-end lounge is a versatile place that doesn’t just offer a bar, a restaurant, and a live stage but all of those and a lot more. An evening at the famous Vegas spot changes many colors as the night lives on. From starting at the bar sipping a margarita to concluding the night at the dance floor prancing on light steps, you can explore all the colors of a quintessential Vegas evening in one place. Take your partner there for a date or have a grand old time with friends at the lounge; fun will be served in every scenario.


The Atmosphere

The Blue Martini Las Vegas lounge is unquestionably a classy gathering place with an inviting vibe from start to finish. The VIP seatings are excellent for deluxe dinners while the live entertainment after eases the formal air seamlessly.

When you enter the lounge, you’ll immediately feel at ease and not at all out of place, unlike other upscale locations in the vicinity. There’s no restriction on dressing; you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Your attire can be a sleek suit or a casual trouser-shirt combo; you’ll feel welcomed in both styles.

Though it’s technically a lounge, you can visit the place during the afternoon for a barbecue party at the patio. Then, happy hour will rope you into some early day drinking, climaxing a memorable evening with a late-night DJ performance. And if you are a little tipsier than usual, then who knows, you might end up pirouetting on center stage.



Naturally, an upper-class lounge with a bar has to have a decadent assortment of drinks to its credit; otherwise, it’s nothing but a pub with a few cocktails. But rest assured, the Blue Martini lounge offers an endless range of spirited drinks. You can get 42 types of cocktails of varying potency. Have a wishy-washy margarita or a stiff shot of tequila, but one thing is guaranteed that you’ll put down the glass while noisily smacking your lips, savoring the flavor.



As mentioned before, the Vegas clubhouse offers more than just a bar and music; so naturally, an exhaustive food menu is a part of the place. The food served at the Blue Martini Lounge is scrumptious, and the choices range from classy dishes to comfort food. Have a proper three-course meal or grab a quick bite by the bar while sipping on a beer at the exotic lounge.

Experience sin city like never before at the Blue Martini Lounge on the neon-soaked Las Vegas strip!