Canada's Fishing Lodges: Stunning Fly-In Vacations

By: Rhiannon Ball
Getty Images/Image Source / (C) Dan Brownsword ((C) Dan Brownsword (Photographer) - [None]

The Great White North is dotted with lakes, rivers, and bays, making it the perfect place for anglers. In fact, Canada’s fishing scene is one of the largest in the world, with vacationers flying in from all over the world to cast their rod into Canadian waters in one of the country’s many fly-in fishing lodges. These wilderness lodges offer stunning northern landscape and wildlife, warm hospitality, and many a delicious shore lunch. For anglers looking for a True North experience – one that’s uncrowded and peaceful – here are 5 incredible Canada’s fishing lodges worth checking out.


Tukto Lodge, NU

This “ultimate 5-star Arctic experience” is home to the best Arctic fly-in fishing trip available in Canada. Located in the remote Canadian Arctic, getting to Tukto Lodge is surprisingly easy, with a special air service available from Winnipeg, Manitoba. And it truly is worth the trip. Only about 50 anglers a year get to experience the lodge’s one of a kind experience to one of the most remote lakes on earth, which is abundant in lake trout and grayling and sees so little traffic that record-breaking catches are almost guaranteed. Day and overnight packages are available, ranging in price from $1000-1500 per person and include a location consultation, personal guides, and in the case of the overnight trip, a good night’s sleep at the comfortable base camp with housekeeping and a hefty amount of food and supplies.

Milton Lake Lodge, SK

One of the best fly-in fishing experiences in Northern Saskatchewan, the Milton Lake Lodge is accessible only by private plane from Saskatoon and offers luxury all-inclusive fly-in fishing packages at the main lodge, as well as packages for one of the two private outposts on Walker and Misekumaw Lakes. Also boasting several fly-out locations, the lodge is the premier destination to snag some trophy northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling, and whitefish. All-inclusive packages start at $4195 for 4 days and include everything except booze, taxes, tips, and fly out trips. Private outpost packages are $1895-4495 (depending on the length of stay and outpost choice) and include round-trip transportation from Saskatoon and various other amenities specific to each outpost.

Stewart’s Lodge and Camps, BC

Based on Nimpo Lake, 850 km North of Vancouver, Stewart’s Lodge and Camps has some of the best fishing British Columbia has to offer, with 6 fly-in outposts to choose from on 4 different lakes, as well as a myriad of daily fly-out locations for some of the country’s largest wild rainbow trout. Outpost packages range from 3-7 days, priced $1000-1600, and include floatplane transfer, private log cabin with food, bedding, propane and ice, a boat with fuel, and fish smoking and vacuum packaging (so you can easily take your catch home with you!).

Clark’s Resorts and Outposts, ON

Ontario is known for having some of the best fishing in the whole country, making this spot an obvious choice. Located in Northwestern Ontario’s Vermilion Bay, Clark’s Resorts and Outposts is one of the biggest fly-in fishing lodges in the province. Providing 17 different outposts on 17 different lakes, fishermen (and women) have the chance to pursue some of the greatest concentrations of Pike and Walleye in the world. Prices run anywhere from around $1050-1400, depending on the length of stay, and include all the amenities of modern cabins (the lodge insists that you won’t be roughin’ it) as well as your flight to and from base, 14 or 16-foot boats with swivel seats and an 8 or 9.9HP motor, fuel for the outboard motor and cabin generator, and pretty much all of the fishing supplies you’ll need, including live minnows! Choose this location to experience the very best of what fishing in Ontario has to offer and take in the beauty of the rugged wilderness as you reel in your next record catch.


Anderson’s Lodge, ON

Found on Lac Seul at Sioux Lookout, Anderson’s Lodge provides the very best value for what money can buy in terms of fishing vacations. The Lodge offers 4 distinct outpost locations on the lake, with packages ranging in price from $884-2082, depending on the length of stay and number of people (groups get a way better price). The package includes transport between the lodge and outpost, new 16 foot boats with 20HP motors and fuel, cabin accommodations, and unlimited amounts of ice. The lodge offers incredible service (they pack and ready your groceries need be – just send them a list!) and an incomparable fishing experience, with Lac Seul hailed as the “Walleye Capital of the World,” as well as a premier destination for world-class Northern Pike and Muskie angling.