Celebrate #MuseumWeek Around the World

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If you’ve been craving some culture your prayers have been answered; because this week is #MuseumWeek all around the world.

From March 23-29, museums all around the world are coming together in a global celebration of arts, culture, and history that can only be achieved through today’s modern technology. Using the hashtag ‘#MuseumWeek’, museums big and small, from far and wide are coming together to celebrate culture on Twitter. How exactly are they doing this? By using the hashtag, an online conversation has begun where people can share stories, experiences, photos and fun…and what’s even cooler, is how you can connect with people from so many other countries.

Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com
Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com

Each of the 7 days of #MuseumWeek has a special theme and a special hashtag just for that day, so lets take a look:

Monday, Mar 23-        #secretsMW
Go behind the scenes of many popular museums and cultural establishments from all over the globe as they share unique photos and even some secrets about popular pieces of art.

Tuesday, Mar 24-       #souvenirsMW
It’s nearly impossible to visit a museum and leave without a single souvenir! Share some of your favorites with the world, photos, mugs, books, whatever!

Wednesday, Mar 25- #architectureMW
Many museums boast unique history and incredible architecture, explore all this plus the gardens and surroundings of museums.

Thursday, Mar 26-     #inspirationMW
Every great piece of art started somewhere…share the world around you, what inspires you and gets those creative juices flowing?

Friday, Mar 27-           #familyMW
Friday is family day! Get all the advice you need for planning a family visit to the museum. Just Tweet your museum of choice and all your questions will be answered.

Saturday, Mar 28-      #favMW
Hooray for the weekend! Share all your special favorites from the past week, videos, photos, locations…anything you loved.

Sunday, Mar 29-          #poseMW
The last day of #MuseumWeek 2015 is all about creativity! Poses, memes or selfies… it’s up to you. The sky’s the limit!

Excited about #MuseumWeek but not sure where to start?
Check out this list of some of our favorite museums in some major cities around the world: 15 Favorite Museums from Around the World


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