Charlotte NC's Best Indian Restaurants

By: George Adelman

Best known for its hot BBQ dishes, Charlotte is a must-visit spot for some delicious lamb and BBQ pork. This is an all-time favorite in the city; however, many people don’t know that Charlotte isn’t the capital of North Carolina and actually has a variety of great cuisines from other cultures to offer as well.

Among all these amazing food options, one must try Indian cuisine in Charlotte. The city is home to some of the most incredible Indian restaurants, known for their aromatic and mouthwatering dishes.

Take a look at some of the best Indian restaurants in Charlotte that you must try whenever you visit this beautiful city.


Passage to India

If you are looking for an impressive variety of Indian food dishes, Passage to India in Charlotte is a must-visit restaurant.

It’s a culinary haven for the locals there, especially given its huge menu that features both southern and northern Indian cuisine. The restaurant has been serving delicious meals since 2009, and its food is full of love, care, flavors, and aroma.

The restaurant’s super extensive and diversified menu will truly leave you in awe because there are so many amazing dishes to choose from!

Some of its must-order food dishes include:

  • Onion bhaji (onion pakoras) – Sliced onions sautéed in chickpea batter and fried
  • Paneer tikka masala – Diced homemade cottage cheese cooked with tomato & almond cream sauce
  • Spice cheese masala dosa – Dosa coated with spicy chutney and seasoned potatoes and onions



This is a modern, upscale, and one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Charlotte. Copper is known for its traditional Indian flavors featured in its plethora of classic as well as contemporary Indian food dishes. Copper once won the title of “Best Indian” by Agenda readers in 2018, which goes to show how great its food is!

Copper takes great pride in presenting Indian cuisine in a unique and extraordinary manner. It brings you a fantastic dining experience with its cozy and intimate interior coupled with food that’s finger-licking good!

There are some of its most popular dishes that you must try!

  • Coastal Masala Prawns with red pepper garlic emulsion and crispy curry leaves
  • Potli samosa – savory vegetable parcels with hot sweet-sour chutney and crunchy beets & greens.
  • Paneer tikka kadhai masala – paneer marinated in tandoori spice with bell peppers and toasted coriander


The Blue Taj

This is another favorite among Charlotte locals that truly satisfies one’s craving for exotic Indian food.

The menu at The Blue Taj is a great mix of modern and traditional Indian dishes coupled with an eclectic and a cozy kind of décor.

Enjoy exotic Indian cuisine with some of its must-try dishes:

  • Masala Paneer tikka with Yogurt-Ginger Marinade, Fenugreek, and Paprika
  • Coconut vegetable curry with tofu and coconut ginger sauce
  • Curry leaf scallops with vegetable medley, toasted spices, and Goan curry


Enjoy A True Indian Culinary Affair

The main reason why these are known as the best restaurants in Charlotte is that they offer great varieties in their menu, they use rich and delectable Indian cuisine ingredients, and their food is simply aromatic and delicious, to say the least!