Charlottesville Gay Bars Guide

By: George Adelman
Blue sky over the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

Set against the mighty Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is a quaint little town that lies along the Rivanna River in the center of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is enveloped in stunning landscapes, offering unmitigated serenity to its inhabitants. But don’t let the tranquility exuding from the Virginian town trick you into believing that it’s a dull place with a slow-paced life because Charlottesville is all but that! Despite being a rather sequestered little settlement, the city of Charlottesville offers everything a bustling metropolis does. From a world-class university and magnificent museums to upscale restaurants with extensive gastronomic varieties and pulsing clubs, Charlottesville has everyone a city dweller desires, but sans the exhaustion that accompanies the busy life of megacities.

Named the joy town in America by Forbes, C’ville has received quite a few accolades from many national and international institutions. It has been called the best town for food lovers, the best college town, the country’s most favorite mountain town, and one of the happiest and healthiest places in the USA by Business Insider. While a source of honor, these titles do not underscore all that Charlottesville is-which is a welcoming town for all. Situated at an hour’s drive from Virginia’s capital, Richmond, Charlottesville accepts people from all walks of life with equal respect. The townspeople are friendly without being intrusive; they never give side glances or judge people on their choices. And that is why almost all clubs and hangouts in town are LGBTQ friendly. But these two spots deserve a special shout-out because of their food and casual atmosphere.


Rapture Restaurant

Being attached to a nightclub, Rapture serves as a bar cum eatery for people looking for a good time. It offers sumptuous fare in a convivial setting. Aside from an indoor gathering spot, Rapture also has a decent outdoor seating arrangement for those who wish to breathe in the fresh air.

The cafe has a lot of personality that is accentuated by the lively crowd and energetic events held every week, such as Tuesday night karaoke.

Delicious food, crafty cocktails, and uplifting music, Rapture has all the ingredients that make for a fun night any day!



Impulse is an exclusive club for the LGBTQ community. Though it’s only for members, non-members can enjoy its offerings after paying a fee. Colorful decor, live music shows, and drag performances are just some of the treats one can enjoy at Impulse. It is packed with charged guests most days of the week, but especially so during the weekends. Dim lighting contrasted by the flashy neon lights lends Impulse a disco-like ambiance, exciting people and inciting them to let loose.

Impulse is one of the safest nightspots for the gay community in America. If you want to truly enjoy a night out with a diverse crowd, you should make your way towards Charlottesville during your next break.

Enjoy delectable food, sophisticated cultural archives, a temperate climate, scenic views, inclusivity, diversity, and everything in between in the cheerful town of C’ville.