China Opens World’s Longest Skywalk

Photo by: Imaginechina/REXShutterstock

There’s a new glass walkway in town, offering breathtaking panoramic views -and it just opened at China’s Longgang National Geological Park.

The new horseshoe shaped glass skywalk named ‘Yuanduan’ which means ‘at the edge of the clouds’, has eclipsed Arizona’s Skywalk at the Grand Canyon which was the previous record holder for world’s longest glass walkway. The horseshoe shaped Yuanduan measures 85 1/2 feet off the side of a vertigo-enducing cliff -that’s 16 feet longer than the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk. Not only is the new walkway’s length commendable, but the height is just plain scary as you look down to the valley floor over 2,300 feet below! 

The cantilever bridge was reportedly built to withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake or level 14 typhoon, and also capable of handling up to 200 people at a time on its glass floor -quite a feat of engineering if you ask us. The opening of the new walkway was celebrated with base jumpers and models dressed in traditional Chinese attire.

A 30 minute walk on the Yuanduan will set you back about $10.

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