Dinosaur Fans at Disney

By: George Adelman

Disney World is the best place to be for all dinosaur lovers! Whether you are a kid or an adult, Disney World offers some of the best dinosaur attractions in the world. You will definitely find something fun to do at Disney World, so just sit back and read through this blog to find out how you can have a great time.

Dinosaurs are widely recognized throughout the world and majorly loved by people of all age groups. There are so many kids out there who are huge fans of dinosaurs and want to try everything related to these fascinating creatures while they are on vacation. Let’s take a look at what dinosaur-related places you can find at Disney World:


T-Rex Café

This is a must-visit restaurant for families, friends, kids, basically anyone who gets to go on a vacation to Disney World. The food is appetizing and dinosaur-themed. The facilities and atmosphere are so detail-oriented and are likely to exceed your expectations. It may not be the most popular restaurant compared to all the other restaurants in Disney World, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Dinosaur – Dinoland

Dinoland is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is a park full of dinosaurs and is the perfect attraction for everyone to enjoy. The twists and turns of the ride might even get you screaming at the top of your lungs, and it also brings you face to face with danger. What really makes Dinosaur even more attractive is the detailed work they have put into these creatures, which makes them somehow seem real and scary!

The Boneyard

The boneyard is a nice place for kids to enjoy. If you want to urge your kid into the direction of scientific discoveries and paleontology, this would be the right place to be at. You and your kids can learn about the history of many different kinds of dinosaurs as well as have some fun digging up their bones in the boneyard.

Dino Rama

The Disney World Animal Kingdom also consists of Dino Rama, which is a mini-land. It features many games and rides for all age groups and is definitely a great place to visit with family. The games are themed according to the different species of dinosaurs. You can even pick u souvenirs for friends and family in the end.

Disney World is definitely the right place to be if you are a huge dinosaur fan. You don’t even need to be concerned about your age because there is a lot to do for people belonging to all age groups. You will not only get to learn a lot, but you will also end up having a great time! You can end your day by having lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants and go back with a lot of fancy souvenirs.