Disney Magic's AquaDunk Water Slide - A Must for Adventure Lovers

By: George Adelman

If you are a true adventure-seeker and are always looking for that thrilling adrenaline rush, you must try Disney Magic’s AquaDunk water slide! AquaDunk is one of Disney Magic’s recent additions ever since its makeover in 2013, but it isn’t just any other ride; it’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and it will blow your mind away!

AquaDunk – Where All the Magic Happens


This is a new, three-story body water slide that extends over one side of the ship. Since it’s a body slide, it doesn’t have a raft. The AquaDunk has proven to be one of the wildest rides on any of the Disney Cruise Line’s ships that provide you with a few seconds of pure and utter adrenaline, sending a wave of excitement all over your body! Since the water slide launches from the ship’s forward funnel, you get to catch a glimpse of all the fun happening on Disney Magic’s top deck.

Step 1 – Take Your Position

You first enter a load capsule, which is often described by people as ‘coffin-like.’

You need to take your position by leaning back, crossing your feet, and crossing your arms across your chest.

Step 2 – The Countdown Begins

Once you are in position, one of the crew members closes the lid of the load capsule, which indicates that it’s time for the countdown to begin.

This is an invention by none other than Donald Duck’s nephews, where one them counts down, “Three, Two, One!” and you drop!

Step 3 – Zoom Away

In what you’d call a flash, you drop down in a curved tube that’s clear and enclosed from both sides, and you zoom 20 feet over one side of the ship. There’s water in the tube, so the chances are that you won’t be able to see anything for a few seconds, but if you do manage to open your eyes, you will see a blurry version of the ocean below.

Step 4 – The Splashdown

In a split second, there’ll be splashdown, and you will find yourself landing safely in a splash pool!

Rules for The Slide

As with any other ride, Disney Magic’s AquaDunk water slide also has a few rules attached to it.

  1. Guests need to at least 48” tall to be able to go on the water slide.
  2. Guests must weigh less than 300 pounds.
  3. Loose items like cameras, shoes, hats, and sunglasses are not allowed.
  4. Clothing items with zippers, studs, buckles, or other similar metal materials are not allowed as they can damage the slide.

Fancy Riding At Night?

Disney Magic’s AquaDunk water slide is truly fun and exciting, but if you call yourself a real and a true thrill-seeker, you must give the slide a go during nighttime!

Try it after sundown and have a whole other kind of magical experience on the Disney Magic!