Top Movie Theaters in Austin

The capital city of the state of Texas, Austin, is primarily known for two things; its friendly settings and burgeoning food scene. The locals in town are super nice and...

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Potomac River Map

Also known as the nation’s river, the Potomac River is known for being the 21’s largest river in the United States and is also one of its most historic waterways....

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Swimming in the Mississippi River

Seasoned swimmers love to challenge themselves by treading waters in colossal water bodies. Be it the sea or raging rivers; the daring aquaholics love to take the plunge into any...

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Niagara Falls Weather

Niagara Falls, being a place you can enter from both Canada and New York, has one of the most mesmerizing waterfall collections. There are three grand waterfalls that go by...

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Sun and Fun: The Top 10 Summer Spots for Kids

Coney Island Mermaid Parade, New York [caption id="attachment_22114" align="aligncenter" width="557"] Ruben Martinez Barricarte / Shutterstock[/caption] Hot dogs. Rollercoasters. Sea creature costumes. The trifecta of pleasures for the pint-sized set happens...

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Titanic Memorials in New York City

The majestic, ostensibly unsinkable British liner, the Titanic, left the Southampton port on April 10, 1812, headed towards New York after riding the North Atlantic waves. But sadly, only five...

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