Family Travel Tips: Mastering the hotel stay

Of all the family travel tips to share, how to master the hotel stay is one of the most important. Being comfortable in your home away from home sets the tone for any trip.

Family travel in hotels is weird. When you’re home everything is where you need it to be and you know exactly what to expect when your kids walk through the door. When you’re checking into a hotel with kids it’s totally different. Family travel is just different from business or solo travel in general and if you’ve never gone traveling with kids this all might seem very foreign to you, but that’s okay. Let us enlighten you as to what checking into a hotel with kids is actually like and why we feel the need to share family travel tips about it.

We’ve come to understand not just what sort of hotel room our family needs but also what sort of actions we need to take upon arriving at a hotel, checking in, actually going into our room, and how to set expectations about behavior and activities at a hotel.

Something to remember when we are talking about family travel tips is that every family is so very different. We have two little boys who are pretty predictable. Another family may have 5 kids who all have varying temperaments. The family travel tips that we’re going to share with you and our stories are very specific to what it’s like for us travelling with our specific little boys. If you have other tips or contrasting thoughts about how to handle family travel and hotels, please go ahead and leave those in the comments because other people probably could use your advice too.

Picking Family Travel Accommodations

The first thing to talk about with family travel and hotels or lodges is in how you pick your accommodations. All it took was one instance of us checking into a room that was too small for four people for us to understand how clear we need to be when we’re making a reservation or when we are checking into a hotel. We’ve learned that we need to have a very large room, particularly if we know that we’re going to be spending a lot of time there at the hotel.  Example:  it’s going to be raining for three days straight and we’re in a sparsely fun area.

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