Frontier City's Fright Fest

By: George Adelman
A person behind a white cover with their hands pressed against it

Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays and not just for the heaps of candies one gets to gorge on (though that’s definitely a significant reason). But aside from getting a chance to get high on chocolates, the excitement of running into unexpected faux monsters makes the holiday so much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Whether someone is a chicken heart or a fearless warrior, they love to partake in Halloween festivities any which way possible.

For some, the spooky holiday means giving out treats to little kids, while for others, it’s the best time to plan the cruelest pranks. Simply put, Halloween is a time for everyone. And just like the occasion itself, Halloween inspired fright fest in the frontier city also has something for every visitor.

Frontier city’s fright-fest is unarguably the most buzzing Halloween happening in town, drawing in crowds from all over. It has a wide selection of activities and offerings for Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. Starting from the horridly horrifying haunted house for the daring souls to the playful Booville Trick or treat trail for the kids, Frontier City’s Fright Fest realizes the essence of Halloween like none other. If you haven’t had the chance to pay a visit to the spooky carnival, you must trot over to the city’s metropolitan center the next year. And if you need to know more about the thrilling ventures of the fright fest, our guide will give you everything you’ll need.


About Fright Fest

The masterminds behind the exuberant get-together like to signify the festival with their famous tagline “family by day fright by night” frontier city’s fright-fest is a family-centric mega-event that is held each year at the frontier city amusement park, located in the northeastern Oklahoma town. It hums with belly laughs, terrified screams, and the din of friendly chatter throughout the day. If anyone genuinely wants to enjoy Halloween, they should head to the year-old celebration in the frontier city.

Once at the event, you can check out the following activities.


The Nightmare Haunted House

True to its name, the nightmare haunted house is certainly a blood-curdling facility with 30 rooms, all with their unique style of scares.


Scare Zones

Scare zones are strewn all over the festival. The most popular ones are Field of Screams and the 3 Pigg Brothers slaughterhouse. Last year two new spooky areas were added; the voodoo-themed Burial Bayou and the Twisted Tunnels of Terro.


The Freakshow Deluxe

The FreakShow Deluxe is a chilling theatrical performance presented at the opera house twice during the night. It is not a show to enjoy with the tiny humans.



The Booville area of the festival is exclusively designed for the children. It includes a trick or treat trail, pumpkin patches, and face painting stations.

Halloween dance parties

For the young and wild who wish to shake a leg on Halloween, frontier city’s fright fest provides them endless opportunity to do that.


Spooktacular Shows

Despite the name, spooktacular shows are relatively less frightening than most other demonstrations at the festival. Magic tricks and gunfighting stunts renditions are the most popular of the spooktacular shows.

Celebrate the real spirit of Halloween at the frontier city’s fright fest to make unforgettable memories!