Gaithersburg Waterpark

By: George Adelman
Waterslides at a waterpark

Braving the summer season’s scorching temperature can become a bit of a tall order, especially when the sun spills down seething heat. And if someone lives in a hot and humid region like Maryland, they are bound to struggle during the warm months. To beat the discomforting heat, Marylanders turn towards waterscapes to wash out the relentless humidity. Among the most frequented summer spots, natural watercourses like beaches and rivers are touted as commonplace as most drenched-in-sweat individuals flock toward the ocean for some solace. But apart from the organic bayous and waterways, artificial aquatic retreats, such as waterparks and swimming pools, are also pretty beneficial when it comes to cooling off during the summer season.

That said, while swimming pools are plenty of fun, they do not offer as much recreation as waterparks. A waterpark provides a lot more than just tanks of water to beat the heat. From deep bathing pools and artificial seas to thrilling waterslides and snack bars, there is an endless stream of options for recreation at a waterpark, but only if it’s creatively designed and well-maintained like the Gaithersburg waterpark in Maryland.

If you have never been to the said aquatic destination, you need to go there during the next summer spell.

Here is a quick rundown of all the fun activities you can do at the Gaithersburg waterpark.


Ride the Slides

A top-class waterpark is one that has quite a few waterslides, and Gaithersburg waterpark has three exceptionally exhilarating slides. Out of the three installations, the twin slide is 38 feet long and is considered the highlight of the recreational spot. Next is the 250-foot long enclosed waterslide that drops the rider to the bottom of the pool. The last slide is popular among the younger generation due to its convoluted shape, the open flume slide. It is 336 feet long and takes the traveler on a winding journey before dropping them into the water.

Note: People interested in giving the waterslides a whirl need to be at least 48 inches tall.


Dip in the Pools

The Gaithersburg waterpark has multiple swimming pools for swimmers of all ages. The main wading pool is a massive tank with a large mushroom umbrella covering a vast expanse of the pool. It also has plenty of space for some shallow water shenanigans, making it easier for kids and parents to splash around together.

There are also many more exciting play features in Gaithersburg pools for the tiny humans to enjoy.


Have a Picnic

You don’t just have to soak in the water at the Gaithersburg waterpark; you can also enjoy a picnic on the expansive grassland nearby the pools. Spread a picnic mat, place your basket, and nosh on quick treats if you don’t wish to get drenched in pool water. You can also use this area to watch over your kids in the nearby pool while you catch a few golden rays.

The modern aquatic facility also offers locker rooms, a snack bar, and shaded areas to provide maximum comfort to all the visitors.

Get to the summer heat before it gets to you by heading out to Gaithersburg Waterpark this summer!