Grinchmas at Universal Studios

By: George Adelman

Every year, Universal Studios organizes its ‘Grinchmas’ event for about a month just a few days before Christmas. The event takes place at the center of the theme park. It offers many interesting things to do, such as meet n greet and a photoshoot with the famous Grinch himself. The only downside is that the place is packed with people because the event only happens once a year, and it is squeezed into the plaza. Nonetheless, it is still a must-see event at least once in your life. So don’t miss out!


Grinchmas Meet n Greet

There are a lot of meet n greet options available for visitors. The heart of the event is meeting the citizens of Who-Ville, which makes everyone’s day ten times better. The meet n greet at Grinchmas includes:

The Grinch

Our recommendation is that you meet Grinch as early in the morning as possible in order to avoid crowds. The Grinch is the busiest of all and has long lines with almost about 90 minutes of waiting. But it is definitely worth the wait. After all, you get to meet the Grinch!

Max the Dog

You can take lots of pictures with the dog and even pet it. Max the dog is super sweet and adorable. The waiting is not too long; it is far easier to take pictures with Max the dog than it is to take with the Grinch. One important point of caution is to switch off the camera flash as it could disturb the animal as well as other people around it.

The Citizens of Whoville

There are many citizens of Who Ville who roam around the plaza. They interact with the visitors, especially kids. You can even ask for their autograph and pose for pictures with them.


Grinchmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

There is a tree lighting ceremony in which the Christmas tree is lit up with numerous vibrant lights and there is snowfall as well. It is a magnificent sight to see. It is a great spot for pictures with your family. There are many live performances after the lighting ceremony in which there are dances and many other musical festivities.

Grinchmas offers a lot more than just this. There are great food and snack options available for everyone to munch on. There are also a few activities which are for families only. This is a great way to spend time with your kids and loved ones. If you don’t have this one on your list yet, make sure to add it as it is totally worth a visit!