Heading to Nicaragua!

Tomorrow I leave for three weeks in Nicaragua, and the real beginning of this Trading Places blog. The stories I have shared so far are experiences I’ve had in the past couple of years, real stand-out people and places that are some of my top travels of late.

Nicaragua is the first stop on my 2012 travels, and I look forward to the experiences and to posting about them here. I’ve never been to the country before, but when I was in Costa Rica several years ago I kept hearing about how less traveled and unspoiled Nicaragua was, and I’ve long wanted to visit.

I will be staying in home exchanges and some cool island organic farms. I’ll be hiking volcanoes and possibly sand-boarding down them; visiting some nonprofit organizations; exploring artists colonies; and parking on an island you can walk across in an hour.

I will be doing all this with my partner, Keith, and I’ll be taking you along for the journey. So watch this space for Trading Places updates from Central America!

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