Historical Monuments of Honduras

By: George Adelman
Getty Images / Keith Binns

Honduras is a Central American country situated between Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The country is bordered with the Caribbean Sea coastlines towards the northern side and the Pacific Ocean towards the south. Honduras is a developing country and faces numerous economic challenges coupled with its rough terrain and difficult weather.

Nonetheless, Honduras is full of many beautiful places, including its famous beaches as well as its rich history with quite impressive historical monuments, which are widely visited by tourists from all across the world. These monuments are rich with history and represent everything from Mayan pyramids to the churches and fortresses that were built by the Spanish gain more control of the area.

Take a look at the following list of some of the best historical monuments of Honduras:


Santa Barbara de Trujillo

mundosemfim / Shutterstock

There were a series of fortresses built by the Spanish along the Caribbean in order to protect their shipments from invasions. This fortress is located in the town of Trujillo and dates back as far as the 17th century. The fortress is open for tourism and also has a museum of weaponry and other artifacts.

San Fernando de Omoa

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This fortress was built in 1759 and 1775 in Omoa. The English invaded the fortress four years after construction in 1779. There are 31 rooms in the fortress which are open for tourism. There is also a small museum that displays cannons and masonry facing the coastal area.

Plaza Los Dolores

This beautiful plaza is absolutely worth visiting in Gracias, Lempira. The journey to reach his place is quite an adventure itself as you get to see the magnificent view of the lights of town. There is a statue of St. Michael Archangel in the square as well as a market place nearby.

Fuerte San Cristobal

There are many rooms open to visitors. One of the rooms has different paintings and sculptures on display. Another room contains the entire history of the monument and the significance of Gracias during the Spanish rule.



The whole city is considered a monument because of its architectural view. It was once the capital of Honduras. It is a great place to explore and spend time with your family as well as learn about the history of this monument.

Hieroglyphic Stairway

One of the most amazing monuments in Copan is the stairway. This site is highly recommended and will definitely be worth your time. Almost all of the steps have carvings; however, the stairway cannot be walked on as it is for viewing only.

Honduras surely has some of the most breathtaking monuments. The interesting thing about it is that each monument has a unique history, which is fascinating. If you plan to visit Honduras, don’t forget to visit these monuments!