How to Design a Home Your 5 Senses Crave

Home Design using all 5 senses

What’s the common denominator of every enjoyable experience? Well, think about your favorite memory. Most of the time, the most memorable experiences are those where are senses were fully engaged. Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise with and the sound of waves crashing on the beach, there are things we can learn from those experiences. Here are ways you can design a home that your five senses crave.

1. Sight

Designing your home with sight in mind is arguably what most people think about first. You probably bought most of the items in your home because you liked the way they looked. A common struggle is purchasing things that bring all of your pieces together in a cohesive way. Ask yourself how the colors in your home compliment each other. Do they reflect how you want to feel?

In HGTV’s article on The Psychology of Color, the writer makes an interesting point:

When some people want to lift their spirits, they reach for a bowl of ice cream. There’s a better way to improve your mood, though: color. Color is a powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.

2. Touch

When you’re purchasing based on what’s visually pleasing, it’s also important to keep in mind that you’ll actually be living in your home. You’ll probably want to lay down on the couch and you’ll most definitely be sleeping in your bed. When you’re designing your home, think about whether or not your furniture feels comfortable. Why not sleep in luxury if you can, right? Think about which fabrics you enjoy sleeping on and bring those into your home.  

3. Sound

You may not have considered the fact that you can design your home with sounds in mind. Whether it’s the sound of the birds chirping outside or the sound of your broken dishwasher, you should keep in mind how you can consistently keep stress-free noises out of your environment.

A great way to get rid of disruptive, stress-induced noises is to keep up with home repairs with an appliance protection plan. This is something you can be keep up with on a regular basis so that you aren’t surrounded by loud noises.

4. Smell

Another big way to engage your senses at home is through smells. Are there certain smells that make you think of very specific memories? Over time, our sense of smell gets accustomed to our environment, which is why other people’s home have a certain smell that they don’t notice.

A great way to keep your home smelling fresh is by lighting a new candle or opening a window. Think about how you can engage your sense of smell with essential oils or plants. You should also consider how you can keep your home from smelling like your pets, if you have any. A simple air filter or a few sprays of febreeze can usually do the trick. If you need a quick solution, never underestimate the power of a good vacuum.

5. Taste

While you won’t be eating your home decor, you can most definitely design a home that’s suggestive of certain tastes. You can decorate your kitchen with little touches of strawberries, or use a burnt orange tablecloth around Thanksgiving time to remind you of that amazing pumpkin pie you’re going to make.


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