How to Stay in Shape While on Vacation

By: Guest Author
Healthy woman in sportswear checking her wristwatch after training session at the beach. Plus size female checking her fitness progress after workout session. Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

Once you are finally on that holiday you have been preparing so much for, it is easy to let your diet routine slip. Here are some tips on how to avoid these temptations and continue your healthy lifestyle while on holiday, so that you don’t have to return home feeling guilty.

Create a Meal Plan

It is easy to feed into snacking habits, especially when you’re bored or tired. The main way to stop this while you are away is to stay busy and not allow yourself to snack unnecessarily. Keeping yourself grounded and more organized will prevent eating outside mealtimes. Creating a meal plan for each day you’re away may help to keep yourself within this.

Take a look at some easy recipes to cook while you’re away, without taking out too much of your vacation time. When you want to eat out in restaurants, a good way to have more control over your meal planning is by portion size. Factors such as how much alcohol you may consume on vacation can alter your appetite and how fast you get full. Halfing your meals and taking the rest back with you for another time is a good idea to help keep you within your calorie limits and get into a better habit of eating smaller and more often. Eating smaller portions is also an effective way to keep your blood sugar levels stable and, therefore, maintain body weight.


Get Organized

Make sure to set your alarm every day to avoid being in bed too long, the earlier the better. Whilst you have meal planning, it is also essential to plan workouts. Making a schedule of what activities you can do throughout the day will help to keep your eye on the ball and stay focused on your priorities.

Stay Active

An advantage of going on vacation is all the activities and sightseeing there is to experience. This means there are many opportunities to stay physical while enjoying yourself. Avoid depending on public transport and walk to places more often. This will not only have positive effects on your body but will be kinder to your holiday budget. Consider looking at hotels that are close to a beach for runs in the morning or one with an on-site gym facility.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a major factor in contributing to a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, your hydration levels may vary depending on the weather and when you travel. Starting your day with a glass of water sets you off to a good and healthy start. When drunk in between meals, this can also reduce overeating as a lot of the time we confuse thirst for hunger. Consider looking at this blog post by Bevi on adapting and staying hydrated in each season. Bevi focuses mainly on providing healthier lifestyles and environments through its unique water machine dispenses. There are many health benefits of drinking water and regulating your water intake. Boosting your metabolism is the main factor in weight loss. Keeping your metabolic rate high can help burn calories and help you keep your shape, so stay hydrated at all times where possible.

Surround Yourself with Good Influencers

If you surround yourself with healthy people, you are more likely to be healthy yourself. Getting a gym buddy or someone you can go on runs with together is a great start to staying focused on your fitness. If your friends are the fast food type, try to convince them to eat out with you at healthier restaurants, which provide more fresh food. It is understandable that you will go out a lot to eat, so choosing the right place that meets your dietary standards is key.


Get Enough Sleep

Vacation plans can be demanding and tiring at times, so making sure you get enough sleep every night is important, as this reduces the temptation to snack as well as speeds up your metabolism.  Although being active is important, allowing time for rest will help keep energy levels higher so that you won’t indulge in more sugar-rich foods.

Enjoy Yourself

Making sure you are enjoying yourself with your exercising and leisure time is vital to keep you motivated and on track. Signing up to a dance class on holiday is a great way to meet people on holiday, familiarize yourself with other cultures, and stay fit at the same time. If you like the exercise you take part in, you are less likely to put it off and avoid it.

It is easy to let your healthy eating habits slip especially while on vacation and the temptations are endless. With these tips and tricks, you are well on your way to helping to maintain your shape and feeling just as good in yourself once you return home.