Ice Skating in the Albuquerque Areas

By: George Adelman

Hitting the ice with skaters is more often than not looked at as a sport for the poised. But contrary to the somewhat popular belief, ice skating is not only for the exceptionally trained seemingly rubber figures who can contort their bodies with incredible finesse; even beginners can have a fantastic experience learning their way around an ice rink. Besides, it’s unbelievably thrilling and fun. Even if one falls trying to glide away on the ice like a pro, it makes for a spirited laugh, provided that the person is sufficiently clad in safety gear.

Whether you are a pro or not, and even if you believe you are too clumsy to try sailing on ice, you should still give the sport a shot for a memorable experience. And if you are stopping by Albuquerque or plan to visit the city any time soon, then you are in luck because that place is a dreamland when it comes to skating arenas. The duke city is bestrewn with ice rinks that remain open all year long, allowing people to hit the ice whenever they want. However, some ice skating venues only welcome skaters during the winter months, such as the small rink on the Civic Plaza. Nonetheless, the experience remains top-notch!


The Outpost Arena

Located in the Sandia foothills near the Elena Gallegos Open Space, the Outpost is a skating hotspot during the summer season, with people flocking to the center to beat the heat. Beginners and pros all are welcome at the Outpost, and the place also offers open-for-all training sessions. You can also get private skating lessons from expert coaches who are equipped to train beginner skaters from the amateur classes all the way up to the pro level. The center also has a hockey school that offers weekly classes on a drop-in basis for adults and youngsters. The sporting gear is provided by the association.

Moreover, the massive arena offers people the chance to book the site for birthday parties and get-togethers, enabling skating enthusiasts to have a blast with friends and family on their special day. And that’s not all! You don’t just get a site for partying but also skating tickets, skate rentals, pizza, soda, a birthday cake, and a reserved table with cups, plates, and napkins. If you are a summer baby but the heat drives you crazy, then celebrate your birthday next to the ice at the outpost ice skating arena in Albuquerque.


The Rink At The Civic Plaza

The small scale skating venue opens its doors to visitors from late November through the end of December. Although the rink is made from white plastic, it doesn’t fail to deliver. Surrounded by fir trees with Christmas music serenading skaters, the small rink on the Civic Plaza is every bit a quintessential winter ice arena. It’s for both kids and adults with a small rental fee (for skaters), but if you bring your own, then you get to slide around the course free.

Have a blast on ice all year round or just in the summer/winter season in Albuquerque!