Important Words and Phrases to Know on Your Trip to Switzerland

By: Stuart Smith

Traveling to a different country can be an overwhelming proposition. Currency differences and flight departures are already enough to deal with, but then add in the language barrier, and you’re already more stressed than you should be. To help ease that frustration, here is a list of all the words and phrases you’ll need to know when traveling to Switzerland. While there are four official languages in Switzerland, Swiss German is used the most often by far. As such, that will be the language presented here:

Yes/No: Ja/Nein


Pronunciation: Yah/Nine

Thank You: Danke

Pronunciation: dong-ka

Thank You Very Much: Merci Vilmal

Pronunciation: MEL-see VIL-mall

You’re Welcome: Bitte

Pronunciation: BI-teh

German Language

Nice to Meet You: Freut Mich

Pronunciation: FROYT mikh

What’s Your Name: Wie Heisst du?

Pronunciation: vee HICE-en zee?

My Name Is: Ich Heisse

Pronunciation: Ikh HICE-eh

Do You Speak English?: Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Pronunciation: SHPREHK-en zee EHN-glish?

Hello: Hallo

Pronunciation: a-low

German 1

Good Morning: Guten Morgen

Pronunciation: GOO-ten MOR-gen

Good Evening: Guten Abend

Pronunciation: GOO-ten aa-behnt

Goodnight: Gute Nacht

Pronunciation: GOO-teh nahkht

Goodbye: Auf Wiedersehen

Pronunciation: all-veet-a-zen

See You Later: Bis Spotter

Pronunciation: BIS Sh-put-er

Welcome: Willkommen

Pronunciation: Wheel-come

German Language 3

Sorry: Tut mir leid

Pronunciation: TOOT meer LIGHT

Excuse Me: Entschuldigung

Pronunciation: ehnt-SHOOL-di-gung

I am Sorry, I Don’t Speak German: Entschuldigung, ich Spreche Kein Deutsch

Pronunciation: Ent-shu-il-de-gung, eek sprek-a-nee doy-ch

German Language 2

How Are You?: wie geht es Ihnen?

Pronunciation: vee GAYT es EE-nen?

Can You Help Me?: Konnen Sie mir hilfe?

Pronunciation: Ki-nin zee Mi-el hill-fuh?

What Time Is It?: wann gibt es zit?

Pronunciation: VAHN gipt ess zeet?

German Phrases 1

Fine: Gut

Pronunciation: GOOT

I Understand: Ich Verstehe

Pronunciation: Ikh fehr-STAY-eh

I Do Not Understand: Ich Verstehe Nicht

Pronunciation: Ikh fehr-STAY-eh nikht

Please Speak More Slowly: Bitte sprechen Sie Langsamer

Pronunciation: bit-teh spreh-khen zee lahng-zah-mah

German Language 4

One-way Ticket: einfache Fahrkarte

Pronunciation: Ine-fa-huh far-KART-uh

Round Trip Ticket: Ruckfahrkarte

Pronunciation: rick-far-KART-uh

Airport: Flughafen

Pronunciation: FLOOG-hah-fen

What is the Flight Number?: Was ist die nummer des Fluges?

Pronunciation: VAS yst dee noomer des FLOOG-es?

What Time Does the Plane Arrive?: Um wie viel Uhr landed das flugzeug?

Pronunciation: um vie FEEL urh landed das FLOOG-zoig?

What Time Does the Plane Leave?: Um wie viel Uhr fliegt das flugzeug ab?

Pronunciation: um vie-FEEL urh fligt das FLOOG-zoig ab?


Where is the Bathroom?: wo ist die toilette, bitte?

Pronunciation: VOOH ist dee twah-LET-uh, BIT-tuh?

How Much Is That?: Was kostet das?

Pronunciation: vahss KOSS-tet dahss?

Can I Pay By Credit Card?: Kann ich mit kreditkarte zahlen?

Pronunciation: kahn ikh mit kray-DEET-kahr-tuh TSAH-len?

German Language 5

Do You Have a Menu in English?: Haben Sie ein Menu auf englisch?

Pronunciation: Have-n- see- ine- menuu-ov-eng-glish?

Can You Recommend…?: Sie mir empfehlen?

Pronunciation: zee meer ehm-PFAY-len?

The Bill, Please: Die Rechnung, bitte

Pronunciation: dee REHKH-nung, BIT-teh

The Menu, Please: Die Speisekarte, bitte

Pronunciation: Dee SHPYE-zeh-kahr-teh, BIT-teh

Excuse Me, Waiter: Bedienung, bitte

Pronunciation: bad-EE-nung, BIT-teh

I Would Like…: Ich mochte

Pronunciation: ikh MOOKH-tuh

German 2