India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, an update on our travel plans



We’ve finally taken a big step towards the beginning of our new travel adventure! Our (one way) flight tickets to Nepal are booked. We will be flying out from London mid November to Kathmandu via a quick stopover in Istanbul.

Shit has just got real!

From the beginning when we first planned this trip we decided on a set amount we wanted to pay for our flights, so for the past month or so we’ve been checking the prices daily via Skyscanner. Yesterday the price dropped to the lowest it has been since we started checking, Now we know the best thing (from experience) would have been to wait for the best price, which is usually around a few months before the departure date, but excitement took over and we just couldn’t and didn’t want to wait any longer! We wanted to get the flights booked so the trip started to feel real and that it was actually happening, After planning for such a long time, sometimes you just need reminding! but checking through the price history for our flight, to be honest the price we paid was pretty reasonable.

So that’s it, our flight is booked, along with the first 3 nights accommodation in Kathmandu and we’ve started to buy a lot of the gear and equipment, Down Jackets, Thermals, Walking boots and so on… we need via the ongoing end of winter sales. We love a bargain! We will be doing a post separately to give you an idea of what we have packed for cold/hot travels.


What’s next?

Between now and when we leave in November we’ve still got a mass of stuff to arrange and sort out (Let’s not mention the 9 months of work!). We need to apply for our working holiday visa for New Zealand as we’ve decided we are going to head there before Australia, there’s a few reasons for this but mainly because the visa is £100 cheaper and you need around £600 less to enter the country. So that in turn will allow us to have a bigger budget to travel before hand.

We also need to apply for an Indian visa before we leave, as we’ve now decided after Nepal we are going to head into India (hopefully via the land border). Applying for the Indian visa looks like it’s going to be a mission in itself as once we’ve been issued the visa we have 6 months before it expires, why do they have to make it so difficult! Better still why can’t we all just have free and easy access to all countries worldwide, it would make travelling so much easier.



Visiting India is a bit of a turnaround for us. When we first started planning our trip, India didn’t even cross our minds, we both have never really wanted to visit for various reasons. Then one day we stumbled across this great blog post, that along with Karl Watson’s recent trip which we’ve closely been following along with has made us decide we would be fools to miss out on this seemingly amazing country. We are planning to spend around 2 months exploring India, starting in at Varanasi in the North we aim to travel down the length of the country and finishing at Kerala in the south of the India before flying out to Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka…

Yes Sri Lanka! another country we’ve added to a trip. This was a bit different to India as we’ve always wanted to visit the country but never had the opportunity, but how could we miss the chance being that we would be in the south of India so will never be closer to Sri Lanka than that. Depending on our budget we hope to spend 3 – 4 weeks in Sri Lanka exploring this great country and with luck get a chance to watch the blue whales out of Mirissa. We will then fly from Colombo over to Thailand and carry on with our originally planned trip.

Have you ever been to India, Nepal or Sri Lanka? We would love to hear about how you found travelling through these countries. Have you ever applied for the Indian visa? How easy did you find the process?

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