Scholarships for Aspiring World Travelers

Exciting news for young, aspiring global travelers who lack the means to journey the world! Maybe you want to take an educational or service journey abroad, but lack the financial means.  Hostelling...

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Living Abroad as a Closeted Gay Man

Renny Clark stares out of the window of his small apartment in central Seoul. Outside, the bustling area of Hongdae is thronged with young, fashionable Koreans with skinny jeans and...

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Student of color who studied abroad

Lately, I’ve read and related to many articles about the struggles of people of color traveling and living abroad, in Thailand, Spain, France, and others. Traveling as a person of...

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Travel is not Utopia

Clearly, I love to travel. Exploring cultures and finding new adventures around the world — and in particular, learning the stories and lives of others — is one of my...

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The Route of Peace: El Salvador

El Salvador brings to mind, for most everyone over 25 years of age, the very recent civil war that it experienced. Traveling in this country for the past two weeks,...

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